Healthcare Tech

How AI Can Augment Healthcare

Improving radiology, turning smartphones into diagnostic tools, reducing antibiotic resistance, and advancing cancer treatments are just a few ways artificial intelligence is improving healthcare.


Beauty Tech

Indulge Nail Snob: A Nail Polish Color App

Never forget a nail polish color with this nail polish color app that scans your nails and identifies the polish name.#post_content


Medical Tech

  • App Review: Biocomposites Companion

    The Biocomposites Companion app makes critical user information available to healthcare professionals. Learn how it can help surgeons and their staff use STIMULAN® and genex® in the best possible way.


  • The Future of mRNA Technology

    mRNA technology promises to revolutionize future vaccines and treatments for various cancer forms and infectious diseases. So if this is just the beginning — what will be the future? 



Pharm Tech

Blockchain in Pharma

MolMapNet is a unique technology that uses AI to analyze pharmaceutical drugs and figure out their future molecular properties.


Smart Cities

How Smart Homes Can Drive Improvement In Smart Cities 

Global urbanization is a defining trend of the 21st century. How can smart homes help drive improvements in smart cities?