Healthcare Tech

Types of Pregnancy Apps

With hundreds of pregnancy apps available, it’s hard to choose which ones you need. Find out how to separate the various types of apps.


Beauty Tech

Indulge Nail Snob: A Nail Polish Color App

Never forget a nail polish color with this nail polish color app that scans your nails and identifies the polish name.#post_content


Medical Tech

  • How AI is Helping Women’s Health

    Female AI can detect early cancer, improve pregnancy outcomes, and identify and treat mental health conditions. Artificial intelligence can provide ways to narrow the data gap and promote female equity in medicine.


  • App Review: The Med Life

    Read The Med Life app review to learn more about the benefits, drawbacks, and pricing of this medical simulation application.



Pharm Tech

Quantum Computing in Pharma

Quantum computing uses the concepts of quantum physics to process data faster than ever, and it’s changing the world of pharmaceutical research and development.


Smart Cities

5G Smart Cities: The Impact of 5G Technology in Infrastructure and Planning

Is a 5G smart city the wave of the future? As more and more urban places turn to technology, it could become the reality.#post_content