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A Quick Guide to Smart Skincare Tools


A Quick Guide to Smart Skincare Tools

Advancing technology is bringing together beauty and science in new and amazing ways. Smart skincare tools, like other smart devices, have the ability to connect to the internet and sometimes interact with several other devices through the Internet of things. A variety of smart skincare tools can now provide consumers with everything from custom made cosmetics and personalized skin analysis to exceptional UV monitoring. The following is a quick guide to several smart skincare tools, specific products, and how you can use them to improve your skincare routine.


SkinScanners that Attach to a Smartphone

SkinScanners are a new type of technology that connects to the internet, often through a smartphone. Using different types of systems, these tools will photograph and often magnify an individual’s skin. Once the image of the skin is in the computer or smartphone, a variety of analysis can take place. These products often work by adding a small attachment to the end of your phone. Other systems work after you download a selfie into the program. Both Clinical Reality and Face Genius feature skin scanning and detailed analysis.


  • Clinical Reality – Clinical Reality from Clinique offers a personalized skincare routine for users as well as complete recommendations for cosmetics. The Clinique program focuses on finding the perfect match for foundation and lipstick shades. They also provide a skin analysis with customized recommendations for improving your skin. One of the best parts of this analysis is that the program shows you what your skin will look like after 12 weeks of using specific products on a regular basis.
  • Face Genius – Face Genius provides a tool that you can clip directly to your smartphone. This scanner turns your phone into a high-tech dermascope, that with the assistance of artificial intelligence, completes a detailed analysis of your skin. The SkinScanner states that it has the ability to analyze 39 million points on the human face. The system consists of algorithms that work with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Face Genius will update your regimen every three months while monitoring your skin for changes.


Smart Patches to Monitor UV Rays

Knowing how much sun you’re getting and when you need to reapply sunscreen is often difficult. Adding to this confusion is the fact that every individual’s skin is different and requires various amounts of sunscreen to keep protection at a sufficient level. There are now patches available to wear on the skin that can monitor how much exposure you’re receiving throughout the day and when you need to reapply sunscreen.

La Roche-Posay, a subsidiary of  L’Oréal consists of photosynthetic fibers that will change color after exposure to UV rays. The patch connects to “My UV Patch” mobile app which will determine the amount of UV exposure you’re currently receiving. You’ll then receive tips for the best type of sun protection. This product helps protect your skin by working with you to learn to develop healthier habits and make better decisions regarding skincare.


Smart Mirrors that Provide Skin Analysis

Smart mirrors are increasingly able to do amazing things such as detect and analyze wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, pores, and rough patches in the skin. Smart mirrors usually have a computer inside the mirror that is capable of connecting to the internet. The following are several specific types of smart mirrors that are currently on the market.


  • HiMirrors – There are three different types of HiMirrors to choose from. These include the slide mirror, the Mini, and the Mini Premium X. The Slide Mirror is basically a mini computer with a wide range of makeup and skincare apps.
  • Wella Professionals – Coty offers a smart mirror that uses facial recognition technology to deliver a variety of features. Wella Professionals provides a mirror that can run on virtually any device, including a phone or tablet. This means the device is portable and easy to use even when you’re away from home.
  • 3D Augmented Reality Mirror – This mirror, from Sephora, has the ability to keep augmented makeup in place even when users move their face from one side to another. This devices incorporates different types of 3D technology to enhance the user’s experience.


Custom Made Foundation

Personalization is the buzzword when it comes to the future of makeup. Customization is occurring with different types of cosmetics. This includes eye shadow, lipstick, and fragrances. Personalized foundation, however, is probably the most important because of how complex and unique each individual’s skin is. There are several cosmetic companies that now feature custom made foundation. A few of these innovative foundations come from L’Oréal and Shiseido.

  • L’Oréal – L’Oréal is a world famous company that is now featuring Perso, an amazing skincare device that promises the ability to match an individual’s skin condition with a unique skin routine. Perso can even monitor the weather and make recommendations for your daily skincare routine that will care for your skin during different environmental conditions. For example, using artificial intelligence, weather data, and personal preference, the device can create customized moisturizer and personalized foundation.
  • Shiseido – Shiseido is a Japanese cosmetics company that is now offering personalized makeup for customers. They are presenting Optune, a system that focuses on the fact that your skin changes on a daily basis. Everything from hormones to weather conditions can affect these changes. They are providing a skincare system that has the ability to match a person’s skin conditions on a daily basis to a unique skincare regimen. Optune has several unique things it can do. A few include offering 80,000 patterns that can match with each individual’s daily skin condition and even provides sleep data that correlates with biological disruptions.


Apps that Analyze Skin Conditions

There are now a variety of apps that you can download that have the ability to uniquely analyze your specific skin conditions. The following are a few apps that will analyze your skin and provide advice for keeping your skin healthy and looking great.

application, skincare

  • Feeligreen – This is a French company that has several high-tech cosmetics. They have creams with a connecting applicator. This applicator uses micro-currents that treats specific skin conditions. The applicator connects to a mobile app that allows you to control various settings, track how much you’re using, and even plug into tutorials.
  • TroveSkin – TroveSkin will detect large pores and pigmentation problems. It starts by taking a selfie. After the app completes a detailed analysis, you’ll receive a skin score. You’ll get personalized skincare recommendations and a list of products you’ll want to try. The app will also track and monitor your progress as your skin improves.
  • Neutrogena Skin360 App – Neutrogena features a skin analysis tool that boasts over 100,000 skin pixels with every scan from a selfie. This app will then measure and analyze five different areas of your skin. The company is also planning to integrate weather data into its skin analysis profile.

As skincare and technology advance, you’ll continue to see a merging of both industries. Just as you rely on smart devices to manage your finances, control your appliances, and monitor your health, the internet of things will soon provide many of your skincare needs.






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