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Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Voice Assistants


Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are devices with different types of software programming that can intelligently respond to commands or questions. Nearly every industry and profession now have access to virtual assistants that can help them do everything from organizing calendars to making reservations and appointments. Whether it’s for professional or personal use, voice assistants can make your life easier and more efficient.

The digital technology available for all kinds of voice assistants is now part of the beauty world. You can enhance your entire skincare and makeup routine with the help of beauty voice assistants. Advanced software and machine learning can even respond to questions and provide personalized answers for the user. There are several important aspects of beauty voice assistants you should know.


What are Beauty Voice Assistants?

Home tech is rapidly expanding into the health and beauty realm. There are smart mirrors, hair coloring assistants, and now, beauty voice assistants. Some products available offer overlapping services. Beauty voice assistants are available to assist you in finding the right makeup for your facial features and the best skin routine for your individual skin type.

The impressive aspect of beauty voice assistants is that you can now ask questions, learn new makeup techniques through tutorials, and then with the guidance of your voice assistant, shop for new products. You can learn personalized makeup and skincare techniques in the privacy of your own home on your own schedule. According to Glossy some of the latest beauty voice assistants work with the power of deep-user research. This technology can study your cosmetic needs and purchasing habits in order to create a unique beauty routine.

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How Do Beauty Voice Assistants Work?

Cosmetic companies are increasingly partnering with big tech to bring to the consumer a developing combination of beauty and advanced technology. Google offers Google assistant, Amazon features Alexa, while Apple provides Siri. Beauty companies are providing customers the benefits of machine learning to provide a personalized experience with devices they may already have in the privacy of their own homes.

Depending on the specific type of voice assistant you choose, there are a few ways your beauty voice assistant might operate. For example, you may ask Estee Lauder particular questions about a nighttime skin routine that will add moisture to specific areas of your face. The expertise of Estée Lauder is operating through Google Home. The following are some questions customers are most likely to ask when using a beauty voice assistant.

  • Personalized makeup and cosmetics tips that specifically match their individual eye coloring, hair coloring, skin tone, etc.
  • Makeup and beauty advice for special events or occasions. A user may want a makeup style for a special occasion that differs from their daily routine.
  • Users also like the ability of some assistants to make suggestions and then allow them to buy products they see online through Amazon or Google.


Why Would You Want a Beauty Voice Assistant?

One of the most exciting aspects of using beauty voice assistants is the personalization that a user can experience. Whatever type of beauty voice assistant you select, your assistant can provide the following benefits:

  • Customization

    A beauty voice assistant will offer answers that are unique to your special needs. An assistant can suggest the right lipstick shade for your skin tone or provide moisturizer options if your skin becomes drier during the winter months.

  • Simplification

    A voice assistant can simplify and possibly even shorten your regular beauty routine. Instead of guessing what shades of make-up are going to look right with certain clothing, hair color, etc., your beauty voice assistant can give you scientifically based suggestions.

  • Convenience

    Having your own beauty voice assistant at your fingertips can save time and money because of the incredible convenience. You’ll save time when you can shop for products and receive expert advice without ever having to leave your home. You’ll save money because you won’t have to guess regarding what techniques and products will work best.

  • Confidence

    When you have your own beauty assistant you have expert advice at your fingertips. Whether it’s improving your skin, more easily covering imperfections, or finding the perfect lipstick shade to match your eyes, a beauty voice assistant can help you look and feel better.

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What Companies Have this Technology?

Beauty companies are increasingly seeing the need to provide more than a product that comes in a box. They’re looking to provide not only a service along with the product but personalized service. There are several companies that are creating their own version of beauty voice assistants while working with the artificial intelligence and machine learning that tech giants such as Amazon and Google provide. The following are a few of the cosmetic companies and the Beauty voice assistants they’re offering to their customers.

  • Coty

    The Coty Cosmetic Company has “Let’s Get Ready,” which works through Amazon’s Echo. Let’s Get Ready can deliver over 2,000 different cosmetic combinations for the user. The devices can determine these combinations by taking into consideration skin, eye, and hair characteristics. Let’s Get Ready features a voice assistant along with a visual experience.

  • Shiseido

    “Skill” is the voice assistant from the Japan-based company, Shiseido. They offer their beauty advice through Amazon’s Alexa. Types of advice that Skill offers include beauty tips for different kinds of weather and answers for a variety of skin concerns. It’s important to note that Skill is currently available only to Japanese customers.

  • Sephora

    While partnering with Google, Sephora has their own beauty voice assistant. If you own a Google Home Hub you can now use makeup tutorials from Sephora. This isn’t Sephora’s first time connecting with Google to create high-tech cosmetic options.

  • Estée Lauder

    Users can simply say, “Hey Google, I want to talk with Liv at Estée Lauder.” Their home device will then connect them with the technology that will answer a variety of their beauty questions. The “Nighttime Expert” will answer questions that will help users create a night time skin and beauty routine.

When deciding which beauty voice assistant is right for you, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Most important, you must know that each cosmetic company partners with different tech companies to provide their services. If you already have a Google Home Hub, you’ll be able to use an Estée Lauder or a Sephora beauty voice assistant, but not Coty. Companies such as Coty and Shiseido partner with Amazon Alexa.

Beauty Voice assistants, like many other types of voice assistants, are quickly becoming mainstream. According to Vera, Americans are increasingly receptive to purchasing beauty supplies with the guidance of a voice assistant more than almost any other type of product. While all demographics are using these voice-activated devices, millennials are more likely to rely on voice technology when making daily decisions and purchasing choices.

The technology behind these incredible devices is likely to only grow and become more advanced in the future. Users can likely expect a more detailed analysis of their specific beauty needs which will ultimately improve each customer’s personal experience.



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