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Glamsquad Brings Beauty to You 


Glamsquad Brings Beauty to You 

Sometimes, it’s just not practical to go to a beauty salon, but now it’s unnecessary, too. With Glamsquad, you can order up your very own, personalized beauty treatment wherever you are. The app allows you to do last-minute treatments or you can plan up to three months ahead for your big day. 

There’s something about feeling beautiful that brings out the best in a person and having a weekly blowout may just be the way to keep that feeling going. Unfortunately, not everyone is able or willing to head to the salon on a weekly basis. That’s why Glamsquad exists, to ensure you have the best of both worlds, beauty without leaving your space. 


What Is Glamsquad? 

Glamsquad is essentially your very own personal army of beauty professionals, ready to go when you are. The app allows you to select exactly what you need when you need it, and book it where you want it. You choose your time and place and the beauty professionals will show up to give you a makeover. 

While the possibilities are endless, there are a few occasions when you really need some extra help and Glamsquad can help with that. For example: 

  • Weddings
     You can book hair and makeup for the bride and the rest of the wedding party quickly and easily with the app. The beauty professionals will show up at the house, church, or wherever you need them. You can even ask for a preview to be sure you are getting what you want before the big day. 
  • Events
    If you want to look really great for a public speech or another event, Glamsquad can send someone to your home or hotel room or even your office. They’ll do your makeup and hair and give you that professional look you want.
  • Parties
    Even if you’re just heading out to an office party, you want to look great. That means you can call in reinforcements to give your hair and makeup that extra oomph to make a great impression.
  • Self-Care
    There’s never a bad time to pamper yourself and Glamsquad makes it very easy to do just that. Whether you need a haircut or a blowout, you can have them come to your home or office to do it for you. 

More and more businesses are moving toward personalized, at-home services and Glamsquad is no exception. 

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What You’ll Pay 

For an at-home service, Glamsquad is surprisingly affordable, particularly if you take advantage of their packages. The packages reduce the price by up to 30% if you purchase multiple services at once. 

A basic blowout will cost you $55, while an updo is $85. A haircut plus blowout runs $100 and a fancy shoot updo will be $150. You can also add on extras, such as a bang trim (an additional $25) or Hydrafacial perk for your lips or eyes ($30-40), as well as other options. 

Makeup will run from $85 for a basic look to $150 for special occasion makeup. Again, there are extras you can add in, such as lashes ($25), HydraFacial Perks ($30-40), and airbrush makeup ($25). 

Manicures start at $45, but you can add a child for another $20, or assorted services for around $25 each, including gel removal, a mini hand spa, or shellac service. Pedicures are $60, plus any add-ons you might want and you can have a full mani-pedi for just $95. 

Weddings have their own selection of services, with wedding day makeup for both bride and wedding party, as well as hair. Most of these cost around $150 per service for the bride and $100 per person in the bridal party, making this very affordable. 

Memberships are another option if you enjoy regular blowouts. Memberships cost $899 for a year or $99 a month. The membership gives you access to concierge booking, a free birthday blowout, plus two blowouts each month, and 10% off all other services. 

Glamsquad includes 20% gratuity in their billing so you don’t need to handle any cash at all. 


Pros and Cons of Glamsquad 

Who wouldn’t want the luxury of having an in-home stylist at their beck and call? While the benefits are many, there are a few downsides to Glamsquad, too. 

Pros include the fact that they will come to wherever you are, home, office, etc. They just need a flat surface and a place to plug-in equipment. 

A decided con is that Glamsquad is only available in nine locations. If you live in New York City, Hoboken, Jersey City, Washington DC, Boston, South Florida, Los Angeles, Orange County, or the SF Bay Area, you can use them. If you live outside of these areas, you’re out of luck. 

Depending on where you usually get your beauty treatments done, the cost may be slightly higher. However, you also get the benefit of someone coming to your home, so most people are fine with this. 

Another con is that you have no say in which stylist you get. As with any group of people, some are better than others and some click more easily with clients. 

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What Others Have to Say 

Reviews for Glamsquad are varied, and range from complaints that stylists have arrived late to wonderful experiences. 

Samantha T. on Facebook says: “I’ve used glam squad twice now for separate events. They are always on time and the team does a great job. Super convenient and super reasonably priced in my opinion.” 

Others have had some issues with stylists arriving later than scheduled, often due to parking issues, and sometimes canceling altogether. Those who are happy with the service, however, are thrilled with the final result. 



Glamsquad does have a few competitors, including Stylebee, which is so new that very few people have used it so far, and Stylisted, which allows women to book on-location hair and makeup. Most other services that are similar to at-home services are massage related and focus on wellness, rather than beauty. 

Overall, Glamsquad has a terrific concept but could afford to increase accountability with their stylists. Their customer service is quite responsive, so if you have an issue, you can work with them to reschedule or get a refund on your purchase. 



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