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Indulge Nail Snob: A Nail Polish Color App


Indulge Nail Snob: A Nail Polish Color App

The Indulge Nail Snob app is one of those apps you didn’t know you needed. This nail polish color app allows you to quickly identify nail polish colors. There’s no reason to ever forget your polish name again. This app works for your Apple Watch, meaning you never have to search for the previous colors when you go for a manicure. It’s all stored right on your wrist.

Velina Ivanova created the Nail Snob app and was entered in the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in May of 2014. She’d designed it to help women plan their trips to get a manicure. Together with Hristo Hristov and Paul Llanos, they came up with the idea and built up Indulge, then launched the nail polish color app.

What started as a TechCrunch challenge became a successfully launched app that has gained a pretty decent following on social media and among salon owners. It was originally just a quick and dirty project, but once it became obvious that the app was more than just a hack project, the developers decided to take it further. The team took time to plan it out and decided that the Nail Snob app could become something much bigger.

Once they’d developed the app, the team pulled in beta testers to try it out. They even considered a possible collaboration with a nail polish brand that offered a partnership. Once beta testers provided their feedback, the team was able to add more features to the app and improve it drastically.

In the years that followed, the nail polish color app became more than the developers could ever expect. Both customers and nail professionals have found it to be a useful way to stay on top of the various types of polish, assorted styles, and designs.

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What It Does

What does the Nail Snob app from Indulge do? It’s designed to do one thing very well: That is, to identify and remember nail polish colors. This is essentially the social media app for nail fanatics. If you love to get manicures and share with your friends, you’ll want to grab this free app.

When you choose a nail polish color, you can scan the barcode of the bottle, or snap a picture of your dry nails. Either way, the app will list the name and the image for you. Next time you want the same color, all you need to do is flip through your images to find the one you want.

Another fun feature of Nail Snob is the ability to share your best nail pics with friends. The next time someone asks you what color you’re wearing, just pull up the app. It will immediately give you the polish name and you can share the image with your friend.

It’s a quick and easy way to ensure you have all the information for your next manicure or to share with others. As nail art becomes more and more popular, it’s very important to get the perfect colors. After all, it’s much easier to share your ideas with the nail technician when you have the actual name of the color you want.


Who Uses Nail Snob

Anyone who enjoys wearing nail polish and decorating their nails will find this app handy. Salon owners will find it particularly helpful if they have a very popular color or style customers ask for.

Wedding makeup artists will also find the nail polish color app useful. When they come up with a color scheme for a wedding, they can remember the color easily by adding it to the app. It’s also possible to take pictures of multiple tests with a bride. Once she’s chosen her favorite color, it will already be in the app. Simply checking back through the images will make it much easier to pull out the right color.

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Pros and Cons of the Nail Snob App

There are several pros and cons to this app. First of all, it serves a very specific purpose. You have the best way to find the name of your favorite nail polish colors. Other pros include:

Price: The app is free, which makes it particularly appealing. There’s no upgrade or pro version, so you can rest assured that it’s free all the time.

Communication: The app has a very strong user base and features your nail colors in a blocked out display that is somewhat like Instagram. The fan base helps people connect over nail art and they actively share their designs and colors.

Responsiveness: Nail Snob is also updated on a regular basis. The developers are always looking for ways to improve the app. They rely heavily on their users and this is the best way they can ensure they’re doing their best for the users of the app.

Of course, there are also downsides, as with any app. In this case, the fact that the nail color app only does one thing could be viewed as a con. However, it is quite popular. That means most people don’t mind the singularity at all.


What People Say About the App

Before you use an app, it’s always a good idea to check out the reviews on it. What other people think of the app can be a good indicator of how useful it is. In this case, the Nail Snob app has fairly positive reviews, when you can find them. Overall, they agree that this is a good app, though very simple. It does exactly what it says it will do.

Should you get the app? That’s completely up to you, but if you find yourself struggling to remember the perfect color that you have used before, then you’ll want a better way to keep track. Nail Snob does exactly that.


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