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Think Dirty-Shop Clean: Find Info on Beauty Products Quickly and Easily


Think Dirty-Shop Clean: Find Info on Beauty Products Quickly and Easily

Choosing the right beauty products can often be an overwhelming and long process, especially when it comes to healthy ingredients that won’t damage your skin. Rather than searching every product’s components and reading a ton of pages, technology has been making it a lot easier to gain time, effort, and massive results. If you’ve ever been wondering about how to pick the safest and most effective cosmetics products without spending hours in beauty shops, check out how over millions of users over the world are doing it!

App General Overview:

With Over 200K monthly downloads in the Google app store alone, Think Dirty-Shop Clean is one of the most famous health and fitness apps. Developed by Think Dirty Inc., founded by Lily Tse, the app is available for Android and iOS users. Lily has developed a cosmetics rating system that gives users an overview of the hazards of cosmetics products and their ingredients on a scale from 0 (cleanest) to10 (dirtiest).

The app is currently listing 4.5K brands with over 1.4M products. It has been featured on many known publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, and has over 5K reviews on google play store and 25.3K reviews on the app store.

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App’s functionality, and audience.

Before digging deeper into how it works and who can use it, let’s start by discussing its purpose first. The founder and CEO Lily Tse explains that the lack of transparency in cosmetics made finding safe products daunting the reason that drove her to build the app. She wanted to offer herself and others a reliable tool to access information easily as she illustrates:

“Finding safer alternatives for myself was a huge challenge. Although many products are labeled “all-natural” or “organic,” there is little transparency in labeling cosmetics. There was also no real tool out there for consumers to find information easily. With my background in design and marketing, I wanted to develop and create something not only for myself but for others as well, and that’s how Think Dirty® was founded.”

Think Dirty-Shop Clean aims to help consumers learn more about the potential dangers of product ingredients and assist them in finding safe brands.

“Think Dirty® empowers and educates the consumer on the cosmetics industry by allowing them to make an informed decision on what products to purchase. In 2012, Think Dirty® won the It’s a Start Competition Grand Prize by Digifest Toronto. The mobile app launched in Summer 2013 with more than 68,300 products listed(…)However, Think Dirty® is more than just a mobile app – it’s a consumer revolution for safer cosmetics by learning one ingredient at a time, changing to cleaner options, one product at a time.”

The app enables users to scan barcodes and take photos of their beauty products to get a score for products based on the individual ingredient scores.

Think Dirty-Shop Clean’s Benefits.

The app comes with an intuitive, simple, and easy to use interface. It allows you to see the list of products ranked by safety score and according to categories. You can check your product ingredients by scanning the barcode of the beauty product. It will give you a rating for the products’ toxic ingredients from a 0-10 scale (lower is better), as well as information on certifications and health impacts on short and long-term. If your products got high scores, the app would offer advice on cleaner and safer ones.

As mentioned previously, Think Dirty-Shop Clean currently has over 1.4M cosmetics products in its database. If you can’t find a specific product, you can scan and submit a barcode for their team to look into it. Once they review it and add it in their database, they’ll notify you if you’re a registered user.

Think Dirty-Shop Clean’s Drawbacks.

  • Information isn’t always accurate, and the current scoring methodology is not clear.
  • It compares brands that fully disclose all their ingredients, and those that don’t.
  • Think Dirty-Shop Clean doesn’t take into consideration the percentage and functional need for ingredients like preservatives in some products. Preservatives score high due to their impact on microorganisms. Still, companies that use water in their products have to use preservatives, usually in minimal amounts.

Think Dirty-Shop Clean’s Subscriptions.

Think Dirty-Shop Clean app partners with beauty sponsors who are rated clean 0-3 according to their rating system. The beauty Box comes with 8-10 hand-picked, rated clean beauty products in 5 subscription forms:

  • One-time purchase.
  • Monthly subscription. (You save 26%)
  • 3-Month subscription. (You save 45%)
  • 6-Month subscription. (You save 62%)
  • 12-Month subscription. (You save 83%)

Customer reviews across multiple channels.

  • App Store: [4.8 out of 5, 25.3K Ratings]

-“THE BEST APP EVER- I was so unaware of what I was bringing into my home. My cleaning products (all purpose cleaner & dish soaps, laundry soaps, etc.), body products (deodorant, shampoos, conditioners, facials, makeup, etc.) THEY WERE ALL TOXIC- and I had no idea. Some of these chemicals effect human hormones, skin sensitivity, and some chemicals lead to cancer & I didn’t even know they were in my home. “- Kemyers

  • Play Store: [4.1 out of 5, 5930 Ratings]

-“Really good app. Good for finding the good and bad ingredients in something, especially if you have a hard time reading the print on the bottles or want to know more about the ingredients. Helped me solve the mystery of my sudden allergies to washing my hair and pin point some of the fragrances that irritated my sinuses and my eyes.” – Joi S.

  • Facebook: [3.9 out of 5, 109 Ratings]

-“Think Dirty is amazing for seeing what’s actually in our beauty products, it really opened my eyes when I starting using it! Highly recommend downloading the app” – Julia F.

-“I still can’t believe how dirty some products are. My house is looking so much cleaner now and healthier. I love how the company is independent and free of it’s own opinion. Hard to find this nowadays.” – Aline A.

  • Other platforms:

-“Think dirty is one of my favorite apps that I have been using in 2017. It is quick and easy and it can completely change the health of you and your family as you know it! Think Dirty is an app that scans commercially bought products to rate them on their meter of carcinogenicity, developmental & reproductive toxicity, and allergies & immunotoxicities. This includes lotions, cleaners, soaps, shampoo/conditioner, makeup and anything else that you can think of! Some of the harmful products I had in my house were absolutely terrifying.” – Jennifer C. , Forbes.


Think Dirty-Shop Clean’s alternatives.

  • INCI Beauty:

INCI Beauty is an app for analyzing the composition of cosmetic products simply, quickly, and freely. It allows you to discover products’ ingredients by scanning their barcode or searching for it. You can also find a cleaner alternative to products whose rating does not satisfy you and share your opinion with the community.

  • GoodGuide:

The GoodGuide site and app use information on products’ ingredients coupled with breakthrough research and education on chemical regulations to rate products so that consumers can instantly access credible product information that is easily understood.

  • CosmEthics:

CosmEthics is an app that analyzes products ingredients when you scan the bar code and suggest better alternatives if they exist. Like other similar apps, its database contains information on thousands of products collected from manufacturers and retailers.

  • EWG Healthy Living:

EWG’s app includes cosmetics & personal care product scores. It aims to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment. The app shows a “VERIFIED” mark when it’s free from EWG’s chemical concerns.

  • Detox Me:

Detox Me is a free app that relies on research to minimize consumers’ use of potentially toxic chemicals in all household products, including cosmetics products. It offers tracking progress, recommending safer alternatives, and breaking down confusing labels and technical terminology.


Wrapping Up:

Thanks to advanced technologies, picking safe cosmetics and personal care is becoming easier and less challenging by offering an independent source of information for comparing products as you shop. These apps enable you to make better, more informed choices for a healthier and safer future.

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