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YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam: A Better Way to Try on New Cosmetics


YouCam Makeup-Magic Selfie Cam: A Better Way to Try on New Cosmetics

With more than a billion virtual makeup trials per month, virtual try-on and makeup camera apps are driving a revolution in the beauty industry. YouCam Makeup Magic Selfie Cam from Perfect Mobile Corp. leads the list of virtual makeup (and makeover) apps that use advanced augmented reality and facial recognition technologies to create customized beauty experiences and edit selfies for a more attractive look. Free to download with an option for premium upgrades, YouCam works with over 150 leading beauty brands to deliver “true to life” beauty trials and unique makeovers.

What are Virtual Makeup Apps?

Virtual makeup and makeover apps are a product of a larger digital revolution that’s transforming the beauty industry. Established beauty brands and new startups alike are adopting sophisticated digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud platforms and downloadable apps that provide each user with an on-demand and fully customized beauty experience.

Available from leading app stores including Apple and Google Play, try-on and makeover apps combine photo editing tools such as filters and brushes with augmented reality features that add accessories, stickers and other images. These apps work with any Android or iOS device. With a combination of facial recognition technology and photo editing tools, they allow users to try out a virtually unlimited array of hair and makeup styles, colors, and accessories. And because lovers of today’s online beauty culture also snap an average of 30 million selfies every day, these apps also include selfie editing tools that can change features, body shape and more for the perfect image to share.

YouCam Makeup Magic: All the Tools in a Single App

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YouCam Makeup Magic is one of several  virtual try-on and makeover apps in a rapidly expanding marketplace, but it tops the list for its comprehensive set of features that include not only a full set of makeup tools, but also a skin health analysis, special occasion makeup presets and a community of like-minded users.

YouCam Makeup Magic users can choose from pre-set looks designed by major beauty brands from around the world, or mix and match to create their own. New makeup combinations can be saved as presets, and the app also includes presets for specific occasions such as weddings and Valentine’s Day.

YouCam also includes an array of filters and editing tools for reshaping facial features and adjusting lighting. With options for removing dark eye circles, reshaping lips and teeth, fine tuning the nose and more, these tools can also be combined with the app’s many different makeup looks.

Along with its many beauty tools, YouCam also includes a Makeup Beauty Live Show, which showcases live professional makeup sessions for tips and inspiration. The YouCam Makeup Fashion Community allows users to share their looks, exchange tips and make friends.

The free version of YouCam includes all its essential tools, but the app also includes the option of an upgrade to YouCam Makeup Premium, which offers new ad and watermark free features, exclusive makeup collections and extra filters.

Alternatives to YouCam Makeup Magic

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YouCam Makeup Magic has a number of direct competitors in the virtual try-on and makeover app market. All offer a range of makeup palettes and photo editing features, and they can be downloaded to any device from leading app stores.

Makeup Plus is a free app that allows users to try on makeup from leading beauty brands, do virtual makeovers, and save their favorite looks. Makeup Plus also includes a beauty guide and tools for retouching photos for a more attractive selfie look.

Sweet Selfie allows users to try on makeup from hundreds of beauty brands and enhance selfies with an array of hair and makeup editing tools. Sweet Selfie includes a large filter gallery and plenty of stickers for changing up looks and posting memes.

Retouch Me Body Face Editor includes an array of virtual try-on and makeup editing tools featuring products from well-known beauty brands. But it also has features for retouching the entire body, not just the face, for the perfect selfie look.

What People Are Saying

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YouCam Makeup Magic receives 4.6 of 5 stars from 4 million ratings on AppGrooves, with most users praising its convenience and ease of use on mobile devices. Some reviewers are beauty professionals who like using the app to show clients new hair and makeup options. But the premium version and recent upgrades draw complaints about slow performance and problems with switching between tools and accessing saved images.

Other concerns about YouCam and similar apps relate to their “community” features. Some users say that these apps can be risky because they can also be accessed by stalkers and pedophiles targeting the teens and young women who use them most. Others point out that these communities create an environment for bullying and hostility, since there isn’t much moderation of interactions there.

YouCam’s rich array of makeup and photo enhancement tools makes it one of the most popular makeover apps available today. With over 100 million downloads worldwide, this free app brings beauty brands and customers together to create, innovate and have fun.

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