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App Review: Caria – Menopause and Midlife App


App Review: Caria – Menopause and Midlife App

Every woman has to go through perimenopause and menopause, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. Many women are now using the Caria app to help improve their lives as they go through “the change,” making everything easier. With 60% of women feeling alone in their midlife journey, Caria aims to bring women together.

Education is often the key to dealing with changes in your body. We hear a lot about the difficulties of menopause but very few suggestions on how to mitigate those problems. The Caria app allows women to take back their power and manage their journey with ease.


What Is Caria?

Previously called Clio, Caria is designed to help women deal with menopause more healthily. It’s not just a tracking app but also a community. This means women can learn more about their bodies, track their menopause, and also connect with other women in the same situation.

Health Tracker: The Caria app allows you to track your symptoms . . . everything from hot and cold flashes to heart palpitations and insomnia. This gives you a better look at how you can manage the daily symptoms you deal with and also allows you to share your information with a doctor.

In addition, the health tracker gives you daily health activities to complete, and you can set up goals to work on, as well. These help you stay healthy while you go through menopause.

Insights: This section of the app uses your logs to provide you with individualized tips and advice to ease your symptoms and stay healthy. It also notes the patterns in your health progress so you can better manage your health.

Community: Virtually connect with other women who are in the same place you are. It’s helpful to speak with other people in the same position. Questions and answers are always at your fingertips, and it can be inspiring to see what others are doing to feel better and stronger.

You’ll also find product and treatment reviews that may help you determine which route you want to take yourself.

Recipes: Get recipes that nutritionists design to help reduce menopause symptoms. You’ll be able to see the research behind this information, too.

The app itself is free, but you can purchase things within the app or upgrade to Premium. The premium level gives you access to symptom management programs developed by experts in their field. It’s $9.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

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Pros and Cons of Caria

The Caria app is well designed and provides plenty of information for women entering the menopausal stage of life, but how good is it really? Like all apps of this type, there are pros and cons.

Pros of Caria include:

–         Expert information and tips

–         Personalized recommendations and information

–         Expanded health activities and recipes so you can focus on all over health

–         A very helpful, supportive community

–         Designed specifically for menopause, not for tracking fertility

–         Offers fast options for symptom relief

–         It’s free for the basic version, which is more than enough in most cases

–         The design is gorgeous and easy to use

Of course, you’ll find some cons, as well, as with everything. For example:

–         Period tracking is not easy to find, as it’s not the main focus

–         It does have a monthly fee if you choose to upgrade to Premium

–         The amount of information can be overwhelming

In general, this is a very comprehensive app that will do well for those women entering this phase of their life. It can be quite useful to understand just what is going on with your body and resolve common issues.


What People Are Saying About Caria – Menopause and Midlife App

When it comes to Caria app reviews, there are plenty of them out there. Overall, the app scores very high on people’s reviews, with an average of 4.6 stars out of 5.

Honeyrose77 says, “I was in need of an app to help me with my menopause symptoms, and I know I found the right one! This app allows you to track your symptoms, possible triggers, and what you did to try and manage them. They have daily meditation that is good and only 5 minutes.”

IndyEm has a few criticisms, though overall, enjoys the app. “I’m finding many aspects of the app are very well done. There’s tons of info, educational content, and overall community support. But as a newer user, after logging symptoms for the past several weeks, I’m realizing there is no calendar view that allows me to visualize any patterns to my symptoms.”

According to Paisley Conspiracy, “This app has really great intentions, but it is information overload. I thought it was a health tracking app, but it seems to want to be both BuzzFeed and a social media platform. All I want to do is track my periods and symptoms without the usual focus on fertility.”

The vast majority of Caria reviews are quite positive, and people enjoy the supportive side of the app, along with all the information.


Caria, Menopause, womenshealth, healthapp, menopauseapp, midlifeapp

Alternatives to Caria

There are several menopause tracking apps available, but they aren’t all the same. It’s a good idea to check the apps out thoroughly before determining which app is best for your needs.

Women’s View: This company is not specifically for menopause and covers fertility, pregnancy, and menopause. However, it offers plenty of information and a specific menopause app, which focuses on lifestyle changes.

My Luna: This free app allows you to track symptoms, moods, meals, and periods, among other things. It is designed to help you sync with your doctor to choose the best treatment for your menopause symptoms. It also offers diet tips and ideas for physical and emotional activities to help with physical and mental health.

MenoLife: Another menopause-centric app, MenoLife, has great reviews and is also free. Designed by women, it is meant for midlife, perimenopause, and onward. The app focuses on the latest research on women’s health to help you improve your life. You can track dozens of symptoms and triggers, check your cycle patterns, and look for relief ideas. There is also a community available on the app.

No one needs to deal with menopause on their own. Others are going through the same thing, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you make it through the challenging times. With apps like Caria, it’s possible to make life simpler, even during menopause.



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