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Breathe ilo: Detect Hormones with CO2 Levels


Breathe ilo: Detect Hormones with CO2 Levels

Checking your fertility via your breath may sound like magic, but breathe ilo does just that and it’s all science. In this breathe ilo review, you’ll learn how this device works and whether it might be the right choice for you.

This innovative fertility device is quite unique in how it works and it will let you track your entire cycle from beginning to end.


Why You Should Track Your Cycle

Staying on top of your menstrual cycle has a number of benefits. First, it enables you to get to know your body and how it works better. From there, if anything changes or if you notice something different, you can seek medical advice before it becomes a serious problem. Women often wait too long to see a doctor, but with tracking, you can be sure you visit one as soon as you notice something is off.

Tracking means more than just noting which days you are fertile. You’ll want to know when your period is going to show up, which can help ensure you’re prepared and avoid embarrassing situations. It also helps if you are trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy, since you’ll know your fertile window. Avoid it completely or use protection during that time to avoid pregnancy or be sure to have intercourse during the fertile window for a better chance at conceiving.

You can also use breathe ilo’s built in cycle calendar to keep track of your menstrual symptoms, from ovulation cramping to period headaches and cravings.

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How Breathe ilo Works

The breathe ilo device is a small handheld device with a tube for breathing into. Each morning, you just need to breathe into the device for one minute so it can measure your CO2 levels. This information is sent to the app on your smartphone, where you can track your results and monitor your fertile days.

How does your breath indicate when you’re ovulating? It’s actually not new science. In 1951, scientists discovered that alveolar CO2 waste appears shortly before ovulation. Essentially this means that the alveoli in your lungs create a lower amount of carbon dioxide, thanks to faster breathing or hyperventilation. It’s all part of the hormonal process in a woman’s cycle, but women don’t even notice that their lungs are performing differently.

With the hormones that show up before ovulation, the respiratory center sensitivity changes, causing faster breathing and a drop in CO2 levels. Since your lungs are working a little faster, it’s possible to measure this and determine when ovulation is likely to occur. The CO2 value is higher during the follicular phase or first phase of your menstrual cycle than it is during the luteal or second phase.


Who Can Use Breathe ilo?

Anyone who experiences a menstrual cycle should benefit from using the breathe ilo. It’s always helpful to keep track of your body’s signals, and this device is just one more way to ensure that you are on top of your cycle.

To use it, you need to attach the mouthpiece to the device. This mouthpiece can be removed and washed to ensure it is clean after each use. You’ll connect your phone to the device and then put on the nose clip that is provided in the package to help you breathe through your mouth only. From there, it’s just a matter of sitting down and breathing calmly. After a minute, the app will register your CO2 levels for tracking.

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Pros and Cons of Breathe ilo

The method of determining fertility is simple enough that anyone of any age can use it and see the results. Since the app uses data collected over time to improve accuracy, you’ll find that it is more accurate after a few cycles. Due to this, you’ll get better fertility results after a couple of cycles have occurred so the algorithm can accurately predict your hormone levels and when you are most likely to conceive.

The breathe ilo device is often preferred over other methods of measuring fertility because it doesn’t require taking your temperature each morning before you move in bed, or ensuring that you check at the same time every day. It’s more flexible than many other fertility devices, and this can be a huge plus for those who find themselves unable to manage the more specific options.

You may also appreciate the fact that you can determine your hormone levels based on just one minute of breathing, which doesn’t cause any difficulties. Everyone has a minute to sit down and breathe calmly!

There are some downsides to using the app and device, as well. The biggest one is that it is meant as a fertility app for those who are trying to conceive and should not be used for contraception. This is important, as it registers when you are most likely to get pregnant with intercourse, but it is not accurate enough to prevent pregnancy.

Since you cannot use it for contraception, the breathe ilo device is limited in its usage. You can use it while trying to conceive, but once that has occurred, you’ll need a different method of preventing another pregnancy too soon.


Overall Breathe ilo Review

For couples who are trying to conceive, the breathe ilo device and app offer a very easy, non-invasive method of tracking your fertility. In addition to monitoring your ovulation via CO2 levels, the app allows you to track symptoms and period length, among other pertinent details. All of this can be useful for medical knowledge or for your own notes.

If you’re looking for something that will help with both fertility tracking and contraception, look elsewhere. But if you want a simpler way to determine when you’re ovulating, this is the perfect option.


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