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Cala Trio: A Unique Wristband that helps reduce essential tremors 


Cala Trio: A Unique Wristband that helps reduce essential tremors

Cala Trio is a unique wristband that helps reduce essential tremors in the hands so you can reclaim a quality of life that may have eluded you for some time. This Cala Trio review will look at how the device works and who it is best for.

Around 10 million people suffer from essential tremors or involuntary shaking in the U.S. alone. While it may affect any body part, it is usually found in the hands. This can severely affect everyday movements and is an exhausting experience. For those dealing with this daily, it can be frustrating to even pour a glass of water or sign your name. Fortunately, the Cala Trio can relieve this.

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How It Works

When you put the device on your wrist, it quickly measures and evaluates your tremor. It then determines the right amount of electrical stimulation to use and sends this through two major nerves in your arm, the median and radial nerves, which take the information right to the brain.

Since most essential tremors originate in the ventral intermediate nucleus of the thalamus section of the brain, the stimulation can interrupt it there. The effects are rapid and can last after the session, with patients reporting up to an hour and a half (on average) of relief from their tremors. Over 50 percent of patients had marked improvement of a minimum of 50 percent in their tremors.

The device is made up of three parts. The stimulator personalizes the stimulation to fit your exact tremor pattern while the band holds it on your wrist. The band is good for three months and includes surface electrodes that are proprietary to the brand. There is also a base with a magnetic charger to ensure the device is charged between sessions.

calatrio, handtremors, essentialtremors, shakyhands, medicaldevice, scienceupdates

Who Can Benefit from the Cala Trio

If you’re looking for a solution that does not involve drugs or medication, you may benefit from using this wristband. It doesn’t use any type of medications, so there are no side effects. It also is non-invasive and is as simple as wearing a watch.

Most patients benefit from the very first 40-minute session. The effects last beyond the initial session, so you can expect to have an hour or longer of minimal shaking. This allows for the management of tasks that require fine hand movements, such as eating, cutting, drinking, pouring and writing, among other activities.


How to Use Cala Trio

The Cala Trio device is a prescription-only device. Once your doctor has prescribed it, it arrives at your door. There are payment plans available and you may try it for 60 days to see if it works well for you. If it isn’t right for you, return the device and receive a refund, minus a $99 fee.

For many people dealing with essential hand tremors, the Cala Trio could be exactly the device they need. It could change how you do everything. Hopefully, this Cala Trio review provided you with the information you need so you can talk to your doctor about using it for your tremors.


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