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CEFALY DUAL: A Migraine Treatment and Prevention Kit


CEFALY DUAL: A Migraine Treatment and Prevention Kit

Migraine is one of the most common health conditions in the world, affecting around 10 percent of people around the globe with symptoms that can include vision disturbances, nausea and severe headaches that last for days. Migraine is still poorly understood and remains difficult to treat, but the CEFALY DUAL, an innovative digital device that attaches to the forehead, can provide drug-free relief for acute migraine episodes in just minutes – and even help to prevent attacks.

Migraine: A Mysterious Disorder

Migraine is an umbrella term for a group of neurological disorders that can strike anyone at any age, with a range of strange and often debilitating symptoms.

Migraine appears to be caused by disturbances in the brain’s electrical signaling in response to a long list of triggers. That can trigger abnormal activity in the trigeminal nerve, which is responsible for sensations in the head and face. Disordered neural signaling can also cause the body to produce chemicals that cause blood vessels in the brain to swell, leading to a variety of abnormal sensations in many parts of the body.

For many people, migraine manifests as a severe, usually one-sided headache that can last for hours or even days. Migraine sufferers can experience acute sensitivity to light and sound, and they can even hallucinate.

A variety of factors can cause migraine, including food sensitivity, hormonal changes, stress and strong sensory input such as bright lights or loud noises. Even changes in routine can trigger migraine in some individuals, and so can certain medications that dilate blood vessels in the brain. For some, physical activity can bring on a migraine – and so can changes in weather or altitude.

Because migraine involves so many different triggers and processes, treating migraine can be challenging. Avoiding triggers is key, but a several kinds of medications can also help, including ergotamine, Botox, and triptans such as Imitrex. But neuromodulation, which directly targets the neurological processes that drive migraine pain and aura, can be safer and more effective. The CEFALY DUAL Migraine Treatment and Prevention Kit is a non-invasive neuromodulation device that sends signals directly to the trigeminal nerve in the face and head.

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How Does the CEFALY DUAL Kit Work?

CEFALY DUAL is an external nerve stimulation device that’s attached to the skin of the forehead, over the top branch of the trigeminal nerve, which appears to play a major role in the disordered neurological signaling that causes migraine. The CEFALY DUAL device sends tiny electrical signals that stimulate the trigeminal nerve and provide relief from an active migraine attack.

The CEFALY DUAL can also be used to prevent migraine attacks. When used daily for about 20 minutes, it reduces the frequency and severity of migraine.

CEFALY DUAL comes with a reusable, self-adhesive electrode that can be attached to the forehead with gentle pressure. Once it’s in place, the wearer simply presses the center button to start a session. The CEFALY DUAL device automatically turns itself off at the end of a treatment session, and it can be used as often as needed. Users report a tingling or buzzing sensation spreading across the front part of the head when the CEFALY DUAL is active.

CEFALY DUAL is the first FDA approved device of its kind for treating and preventing migraine. It’s non-invasive, drug-free, and generally safe to use, but it isn’t for everyone. The company provides a long list of contraindications and warnings related to using CEFALY DUAL. These include warnings that CEFALY DUAL should not be used by people who have any kind of metallic or electronic implants in the head or a pacemaker.

Anyone with a heart problem, seizures or a recent head injury also should not use CEFALY DUAL, and neither should anyone who is pregnant. Because CEFALY DUAL is an electromagnetic device, it shouldn’t be used in wet environments or in the presence of any other electric monitoring equipment. The company urges potential users to have a doctor’s diagnosis of migraine and consult healthcare providers about potential risks and contraindications, but anyone can purchase the kit without a prescription or doctor’s recommendation.


How Much Does CEFALY DUAL Cost?

The CEFALY DUAL system is sold on the company’s website for the full price of $499USD, but various special offers can reduce the price by $100 or more and financing is available. The complete CEFALY DUAL migraine treatment and prevention kit comes with the device itself, plus a storage case, power adapter and charging cable. The kit also includes one electrode good for up to 20 sessions, and users can also buy additional electrode sets, starting at $25USD for a basic pack of three. Subscribers can get a new electrode set every 90 days.


Alternatives to CEFALY DUAL

The CEFALY DUAL device is at the leading edge of a new approach to treating migraine, but other neuromodulation devices also promise migraine relief.

GammaCore Sapphire, a prescription-only electronic vagus nerve stimulator, is designed for people with migraine and cluster headaches. GammaCore Sapphire stimulates the vagus nerve in the front of the neck with electronic pulses that can both relieve and prevent headache pain. This device has also received emergency use authorization for use in some patients with COVID-19.

Nerivio from Theranica, a neuromodulation device for treating acute migraine, is worn on the upper arm. Nerivio delivers electronic pulses into the skin to interfere with the electrical activity of a migraine, and an accompanying app allows users to manage the treatments. Nerivio is available only by prescription, and is covered by many insurance plans.

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What Users Say About CEFALY DUAL

Reviews of CEFALY DUAL are generally positive, with 79 percent of users reporting improvements. Buyers like the ease of use and effectiveness – most report a reduction in migraine frequency and intensity. Others praise its portability, making it easy to stop a migraine anytime, anywhere. Negatives include complaints that the electrodes don’t attach properly and are uncomfortable.

The mystery of migraine makes it difficult to treat, or prevent. But the non-invasive and drug free CEFALY DUAL Migraine Treatment and Prevention Kit puts relief from migraine pain in the hands of just about anyone – no prescription required.



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