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Clue Period & Cycle Tracker App Review


Clue Period & Cycle Tracker App Review

Clue app is one of the most trusted period and cycle tracker applications. These apps have become popular over time, given the important role they play in the general wellness and fertility tracking in women.

Founded by Ida Tin in 2012 and launched in 2013 by BioWink GmbH, Clue has shown impressive results, attracting users from several countries worldwide. It has different versions and is therefore compatible with Android, iOS, and watchOS, explaining its popularity.

This article looks at this amazing invention, its uses, benefits, drawbacks, and some of the closest competitors. Keep reading for more.


Target Audience 

Clue app targets menstruating women, ranging from teenagers to those who have not approached menopause. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than a menstrual cycle tracking app. Clue has an extensive database, which houses immense resources for women’s health.

The main motive behind its formation was Ida Tin’s desire to create an app that helps women track their period and have more control of their bodies and internal affairs. It forms a part of FemTech, a space largely focusing on women’s wellness products, a part that was long ignored.

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This app’s main features are menstrual cycle tracking, fertility tracking, health education, and reports.

It offers menstrual cycle and fertility tracking, health education, and different reports that can be shared among users. It allows users to track their period or predict the fertility window, avoiding unwanted pregnancies.


It also allows you to track several symptoms and lifestyle measures based on the data they enter. The app thus predicts your cycle and ovulation period, saving you from the inadequacies of physical tracking. You will enjoy an extensive encyclopedia which furnishes you with extensive information regarding your body and cycle.

We will delve deeper into these as we go on with our review.


This app has two versions. You can either enjoy the free version or pay for Clue Plus. As you have already imagined, the latter is a paid subscription with a few added features. However, most of the important features are contained in both of these versions.

You will still manage to track your period and fertility window with the free version. It is used by over 14 million people, which shows just how reliable it is. However, with extended usage, you may feel like upgrading to the Clue Plus. Let us see what makes it special.

Clue Plus

You can access this paid version by tapping on ‘Get Clue Plus’ in the menu, revealing a plan selection screen. You can then settle on a one or 12-month subscription. However, you will spend less than two dollars a month, explaining just how accessible Ida Tin wanted it to be.

The Clue Plus subscription unlocks features not available in the free version. You will enjoy personalized insights, advanced predictions, and a well-established content tab. This version expands your health knowledge, helping you know your body more.

You also get to support the app, which is dedicated to uplifting and helping women. After confirming either of the plans, the service will make a deduction from your debit or credit card via your account. These subscriptions will automatically renew unless you disable autorenewal at least one day before the end of the current period.

You can also manage your auto-renewal through your Account Settings on your device. However, Clue should not be used as a contraceptive. All it does is track your cycle and predict when you are fertile or not. Therefore, you cannot sue the app if anything goes wrong.

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker, period, pregnant, pregnant woman, mother, family, plan, App review

Privacy and Security 

These are by far most people’s concerns when using any application. Your data is sensitive and should, therefore, be protected at all costs. Clue has a privacy policy and terms of service disclosure aimed at protecting your details.

The privacy policy covers the personal data collected by the app and any other information that it may have obtained automatically. You will also get to know how your data will be used, mainly for research purposes.

You can easily log into the app via Facebook, Google, or an email address provided that the password is correct.



  • Customizable: This app offers period tracking complete with detailed customizable symptom logging. It is easy to use and predicts your cycle according to your details. It is therefore tailored specifically for you.
  • Offers fertility tracking: If you are trying to avoid an unplanned pregnancy, this application offers detailed fertility tracking, including temperature and changes in the vaginal discharge. You will know when you are most vulnerable to pregnancy according to such data.
  • Allows couple tracking: The clue app allows you to include your partner in your cycle tracking. It can connect to your partner’s phone, which fosters a feeling of involvement.
  • Versatile: This app can connect to several fitness wearables.
  • Educational: It offers useful health information.
  • Private: Offers an option for lock screen



  • The free version lacks a vital feature that notifies you if your cycle is out of your normal range.
  • It has no pill reminder. Remember, we said that one could not use this app as a contraceptive.
  • It lacks a pregnancy tracking mode. It only tracks your fertility and cycle. Therefore, it is of no use to a pregnant mother.
  • You need to pay for the full version. You cannot fully access this app unless you choose a monthly subscription fee, albeit inexpensive.


Customer Reviews 

From different online reviews, several customers find this app useful, explaining why more than 14 million users trust it. It has an outstanding rating of 4.8 stars in the Apple store, with most customers applauding it for being a good science-based inclusive app.

Most of the negative reviews are in line with the ‘cons’ which we have covered.



Several period tracking apps have come up over time, giving Clue a run for its money. These include ME V PMDD, EVE tracker app, Flo period & ovulation, Period Diary, Ovia Fertility Period Tracker, Cycles, and Dot.



Clue has stood the test of time ever since its conception in 2012. It is trusted by several users worldwide, which shows how formidable it is. Do not forget to tell us about your experience with the app.

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