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Wearable Device Review: emWave2


Wearable Device Review: emWave2

Designed and sold by HeartMath, the emWave2 model is a device designed to help reduce anxiety and improve mental health. It’s a portable biofeedback device that is meant to help you become more mindful of your inner workings.

Long term usage of the emWave2 tends to see some pretty impressive results, including sustained resilience, lower stress levels, and better overall health. It’s also been linked to better focus, more balanced emotions, higher energy levels, and even better sleep. For $199, it does have quite a few benefits.

How It Works

This device reads your heart rhythm, or HRV, which indicates just how stable your emotional state is. It then helps you use validated techniques developed by HeartMath, to change your HRV. Slowly, you’ll learn to adjust your heart rate and make sure that it stays in the pleasant area while you’re dealing with unpleasant things.

Coherence is what we call the best physiological state, or where you will find yourself content and unstressed. It’s also a state where you tend to be more emotionally available, healthier, and with more resilience. The trick is getting there, since most people find themselves at the whim of their emotions. With this device, you learn how to regulate your emotions and help yourself stay calm and collected, no matter the circumstances.

The device itself comes with lights to indicate your pulse, a breath pacer, and Coherence indicator light. To use it, you turn the device on and press your thumb to the sensor pad. If you’re stressed out or anxious, the Coherence light will start out red. You just need to follow the breath pacer to slow your breathing and ease your heart rate. The light will change from red to blue and finally, to green as you reach Coherence.

Over time, the challenges become more difficult so you can become more resilient. It’s a training exercise that can only benefit you in difficult circumstances.

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Pros and Cons of emWave2

Like any device, there are good things and bad about the emWave2. You should consider these carefully while you are trying to make a decision about whether you want to buy this particular model.

First, we’ll look at the pros of using the emWave2. It’s small and handheld, so you can easily keep it with you and use it anywhere. This means if you start to feel anxious at some point, you have the option of pulling out the device and using it to help yourself calm down.

Many people have used the device to treat their anxiety and to get their PTSD under control. While it’s not a replacement for therapy by any means, you can certainly use it to help get some of your symptoms under control. For most people, the ability to calm themselves in the middle of an attack is the best way to feel in control of their lives again.

Overall, the device allows you to take control of your life and makes you more aware of what is going on in your body and mind. With more knowledge comes more control.

Additional training is offered with the device to ensure you know how to use it and can turn it into something very useful in your life. It does take time, but that’s par for the course. It’s also possible to track the sessions you have when you connect the device to your computer. This can give you a better idea of how you’re doing and lets you play games, as well.

One con is the price. It’s going to run you nearly $200 for this tiny device, which may seem excessive. If you’re dealing with a lot of issues, though, it may be worth it.

It may also seem a little woo-woo to some people, based on the talk of Coherence, etc. However, everything is based in science and that is what lets you know that it really works.

HeartMath, emWave 2, HRV, resilient, mental health, sleep, stress levels, heart, healthcare, PTSD

What Customers Say

It’s always a good idea to find out exactly what other people think of a device before you spend money on it. When it comes to the emWave portable, people seem to enjoy it.

Sandy on Amazon says, “I like the product, it just needs more explanation.”

Janis Bruns says, “I use it for my coaching to show to my skeptical clients how the inner machinery works and how easily they can access their power, just by applying simple breathing and visualization techniques.”

Norcal Reader says, “This tool really helps me calm down my mind. I use it at night before bed and it helps me sleep.”

There are a few complaints about the fact that the device is a single user item and cannot be activated for multiple people. As Karina Loewen says, “I think this has the potential to be great, but I wish it was a little more obvious in the packaging or advertising that this is really a single user model.”

Just a note, there is a PRO model which is available for multiple users in the family.


Similar Devices On the Market

There are other options out there for staying calm and learning to slow your breathing and heart rate so you can focus on mindfulness. Many are simply apps that you can download, such as Headspace. This app guides you through mindfulness exercises to help you relax and find your center.

Muse 2 is a headband that you wear to track your heart rate, brain waves, and breathing, as well as other things. All of these indicate how stressed or anxious you are. With the help of the device and the accompanying app, you can learn to relax your breathing and focus. You’ll get immediate feedback from the device and it records your sessions so you can see the improvements over time.

Finally, you have the Wellue Pulse Oximeter, which comes with an app. It’s cheaper than the other options and is just $40 for the small device that can set on your finger and track your pulse and blood oxygen. From there, you can focus on relaxing techniques and see the immediate results on the screen.

There are many ways to learn to relax. However, you may find that you need more than just trying to take a deep breath or count to ten. If you want some extra help, then the emWave2 is a superb choice.




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