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HeartGuide Review: First Wearable Device Offering Blood Pressure Readings on the Go


HeartGuide Review: First Wearable Device Offering Blood Pressure Readings on the Go

Why HeartGuide Exists

Without proper care, abnormally high or low blood pressure can severely affect health and overall quality of life. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can damage the blood vessels in the eyes, brain, and organs, resulting in severe complications over the years. Low blood pressure, or hypotension, is just as serious due to its risk of causing dizziness, fainting, and shock.

Unless serious symptoms arise first, abnormal blood pressure levels usually go unnoticed until pointed out by a doctor. At that point, they may want the patient to monitor their blood pressure at home to determine the severity of the problem. To do that effectively, it’s often necessary to stop everything at least once a day to perform the test and write down the reading.

To avoid this inconvenience and instead get accurate blood pressure readings on demand, use HeartGuide by OMRON, the world’s first wearable blood pressure monitor. Wondering how it works? Here’s what you need to know.


Who HeartGuide Is Meant For

HeartGuide is a wearable blood pressure monitor that allows users to take readings in about 30 seconds by simply putting their wrist to their heart. In addition to monitoring blood pressure levels, the device tracks physical activity and sleep patterns plus displays notifications from the connected phone, tablet, or other smart devices. People who need to monitor their high or low blood pressure benefit most from this product, although it’s great for health- and fitness-conscious individuals as well.

As a medical-grade device, this blood pressure monitor uses the oscillometric method to read, providing highly accurate results every time. The display shows the systolic and diastolic numbers and stores them in the device memory for later review. HeartGuide holds up to 100 past readings plus uses Bluetooth to send them to the OMRON HeartAdvisor app.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the HeartAdvisor app displays physical activity, calories burned, and other fitness stats for up to seven days. Plus, it allows you to review the last seven sleep measurements, so you can make measurable changes to improve sleep quality.

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HeartGuide Benefits

HeartGuide makes it easy to keep close track of blood pressure readings while on the go. With the data on hand, you can easily work with your doctor to best manage your health and assess the performance of any prescribed medications. You can also check how blood pressure levels respond to certain foods and activities to determine what lifestyle changes to make along the way. The physical activity and sleep monitoring systems provide a way to monitor health and wellness even more.

All the while, most customers barely notice they are wearing this comfortable device, which only weighs 4.1 ounces. Plus, they can keep it on most of the week with normal use, only taking it off once to charge up after about five to seven days.


Drawbacks of HeartGuide

To get accurate readings, it’s important to follow the instructions exactly. If you are not sitting in the right position or holding your arm directly at heart level, the blood pressure reading might not be accurate.

Since this wearable blood pressure monitor only comes in medium and large sizes, if you have small wrists, you might not get accurate readings even while following the guide. You may find the device feels too large and clunky, especially while completing high-intensity exercises.


What Does HeartGuide Cost?

When buying HeartGuide from OMRON’s website, you can expect to pay $499 whether you get medium or large. Two-day shipping is free, but you can expect to pay taxes based on the sales tax rate in your area.

Since this device is FSA-eligible, it’s possible to use funds out of a Flexible Spending Account to make a purchase. Otherwise, customers will need to input credit card info or use PayPal to cover the cost. When using PayPal, customers can use a credit option to spread the payments across six months. If paid in full during that time, no interest is charged on the purchase.

There’s no charge to download or use the OMRON HeartAdvisor app. Once you have the wearable device, you can track and monitor your blood pressure without paying another dime.

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A Look at HeartGuide Review Stats

HeartGuide review data reveals that over half of all users report feeling satisfied with this wearable blood pressure monitor. This device gets 4.2 out of 5 stars for product quality, while value earns 3.7 out of 5 stars. The vast majority of users give it five stars for ease of use, accuracy, and comfort. Only a handful of users give it one star for failing to provide the proper readings at the other end of the scale.


Alternatives to HeartGuide

As the first wearable blood pressure monitor in the world, HeartGuide does not have any competitors yet. The device’s popularity has undoubtedly inspired the competition to hop on board, but it could be a while until they release their own devices.

For now, customers have to shell out the big bucks to make monitoring their blood pressure as quick, easy, and convenient as possible, or go back to the basic at-home monitors.


Want to Get HeartGuide? Here’s How to Get Started

All you need to do to start using HeartGuide is purchase the wearable blood pressure monitor and download the app. Then, it’s just a matter of waiting for the device to arrive and then following the Quick Start Guide.

In that guide, you will learn how to:

Correctly position the wrist monitor

Take a blood pressure reading

Check readings on the display

After that, you can use the instruction manual to track physical fitness stats, monitor sleep, and transfer all the data to the app.

As you go about your day, you can quickly take a reading by simply sitting with your feet flat on the floor and putting the wrist monitor to your heart. From start to finish, the process will only take a minute without the need to drag out and put away any equipment. You can then move on with your activities while still storing the blood pressure readings you need to show their doctor.

Meta Description: When people need to keep a close eye on their blood pressure levels, HeartGuide can help. Use this HeartGuide review to see how this wearable device works.

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