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How to Use Your Willow Device


How to Use Your Willow Device

According to a study from the American Journal of Public Health, 85% of breastfeeding mothers pump at least part of the time, showing the need for better options. As an in-bra pump, the Willow fits this need well and allows new mothers to pump their milk easily to store for later use. With an innovative design, the Willow breast pump also has a bit of a learning curve. Here’s what you should know.

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What’s Included With the Willow Breast Pump

The in-bra pump kit comes with several parts.

Motors: There are two motors in your Willow kit. Each includes four buttons: one on/off, one to start or pause the pumping, and two to increase or decrease the suction. The motors charge via a port at the bottom of each device.

Flanges: These are available in various sizes, and they fit neatly into the motor.

Flextube: This tube attaches to the flange.

Bags: The device comes with bags that attach to the flanges and are suitable for freezing for later use. You may purchase a reusable option separately if you prefer.

Charger: There’s one charger to use with both motors.

How to Use the Willow Breast Pump

Start by washing everything. You can then attach the flextube to the flange by pinching the small tube and placing it over the flange section that sticks out. Press the hard blue piece of the flextube into the slot at the top of the flange.

Flip over the flange and open the blue “door” at the top. Place the bag over the back so the tube from the flange fits through the opening in the bag’s center.

Fold the top of the bag over the open vent at the top of the flange. Press it down to ensure a firm seal. Fold the white part of the bag back over and push the little door up and down. This motion closes and locks it in place.

Tuck the bag into the flange so that it fits inside. You can now hold the loaded flange to your breast, with the tube pointing away from you. Holding the flange there, press the power button on the motor and then place it over the flange cupping your breast. It should latch on and begin stimulation mode to get the milk flowing. Once you’re ready, you will feel it switch to expression mode.

After you’ve finished pumping, remove the pump from your breast and pull the flange off the motor. Then, pop open the top and remove the bag. You may now freeze the bag for storage.

Using the App

The Willow breast pump kit comes with an app for your phone. It will notify you if any parts are incorrectly attached or if there is an error with pumping. It also lets you know how many ounces you’ve pumped from each breast and can provide plenty of helpful information on your pumping sessions.

willowdevice, breastpump, willowbreastpump, pumping, newmom

Innovative and efficiently designed, the Willow breast pump is discreet enough that you can wear it while working or doing nearly anything. There’s no need to hide away in a bathroom at work or worry about sitting still to prevent the pump from coming off. It’s a better solution for moms who need to pump.


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