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iTouch: Activity Tracker for Meeting Daily Exercise Goal


iTouch: Activity Tracker for Meeting Daily Exercise Goal

What is the iTouch Activity Tracker?

The iTouch Activity Tracker gives you insights into your heart rate, step count, calories burned, oxygen saturation, and your sleep quality. It’s part activity tracker and part smartwatch, with a slim and comfortable wrist worn form factor.


Who Uses the iTouch Activity Tracker

The iTouch Activity Tracker is a great entry-level fitness wearable. You get a straightforward, user-friendly device that gives you basic information on your workouts. It doesn’t give as much data as high-end activity trackers, but most people don’t need that much detail to begin with.

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Benefits of the iTouch Activity Tracker

  • Customizable straps and watch faces

    You can match your activity tracker to your outfit with a variety of strap options available through the manufacturer. The on-screen watch face is also customizable through software.

  • Slim form factor

    Some fitness trackers and smart watches are known for being bulky, heavy, and getting in the way when you’re exercising. The iTouch has a slender design that combines comfort with minimalism. It’s easy to feel like you’re not wearing anything on your wrist.

  • Waterproof up to 30 feet

    If you hop in the pool, you don’t have to worry about taking off this activity tracker.

  • Multi-sports mode

    Choose the sports mode that best reflects what you’re doing. You have eight to choose from. By selecting a sport, the activity tracker is better able to gauge how much exercise you’re doing and the calories burned.

  • Bluetooth connectivity

    You can easily connect to your smartphone.

  • Sedentary reminder

    If the iTouch doesn’t register activity for a set period, it can remind you to get up and move around.

  • USB rechargeable

    You don’t need to swap out any batteries for this activity tracker.

  • Stopwatch and alarm

    Find out how fast it takes you to complete a workout, or race against the clock.

  • Motion gesture

    You can set up different motion controls with the iTouch. This feature allows you to stay hands-free with your activities.

  • Find device

    If you misplace your paired smartphone, you can use this function to send a notification to the iTouch application on your phone.

  • Camera remote

    Take selfies after your workout or show off the sights easily with this camera remote feature.

  • Connected GPS

    The iTouch can connect to a GPS so you can use distance tracking during walking, jogging and running.

  • Messaging and notifications

    Keep track of your social notifications from major networks, so you know what’s going on during your workouts.


Drawbacks of the iTouch Activity Tracker

  • Plastic construction

    The affordable design of the iTouch does mean that it uses less durable materials.

  • Short functional battery life

    Many people indicate that they need to recharge the iTouch battery every day. This is a far cry from the ten days of battery life and the 20 days of standby that the manufacturer promotes.

  • Left-handed people can’t switch screen orientation

    The iTouch is designed to be worn on the left hand, but left-handed people often opt to wear fitness trackers on the right hand. They flip the screen orientation to make it readable. Sadly, the iTouch Activity Tracker does not offer that functionality.

  • Inaccuracies in step count

    Many customers have issues with the step count shown by the device.

  • No support for other fitness tracking applications

    You can only use the iTouch first-party fitness tracker application, which cuts out people who prefer to use third-party solutions.

  • No onboard exercise memory

    You need to use the iTouch Activity Tracker in conjunction with a paired smartphone.


iTouch Activity Tracker Pricing

The iTouch Activity Tracker has a $75 MSRP, but the actual sales price on the manufacturer’s website and other retailers is frequently in the $30-$50 range.


Customer Impressions of the iTouch Activity Tracker

Customers have mixed reviews on the iTouch Activity Tracker. Many appreciate its low price compared to other activity trackers and smartwatches on the market and its slim and understated form factor, but others complain that the construction feels cheap and it doesn’t function properly.

The biggest recurring complaint revolves around the device’s step counter, with many reports that it inflates the number of daily steps taken. Many customers also needed to get a replacement for devices that stopped working shortly after purchase.


Alternatives to the iTouch Activity Tracker

The iTouch Activity Tracker occupies the middle ground between an activity tracker and a full smartwatch. Many models of Fitbit are available that give you more on the activity tracker side of the equation, but only a few come close to the budget-friendly cost of the iTouch. If you want more smartwatch features in your wearable, the Apple iWatch is the leading choice. However, it comes with a hefty price tag in comparison.

The iTouch Activity Tracker has a lot of features for the price, and works well for people who primarily want a fitness tracker with a few smartwatch features. The low cost also makes it a great choice for parents buying fitness trackers for their children, as it’s less of a hit to the wallet if they get lost, stolen, or broken. It’s not as reliable or accurate as other fitness trackers, but it does do a good job of covering the basics for daily exercise tracking.


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