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Lumen Metabolism Tracker through Review Glasses


Lumen Metabolism Tracker through Review Glasses

Staying fit might be tedious, but every process involved must be taken seriously. A couple of those really important processes are progress monitoring and motivation. The Lumen Metabolism Tracker helps with these.

Lumen Metabolism Tracker assists you in monitoring and keeping a record of your progress. It does not make the process of staying fit easier, but it maintains and boosts your motivation to keep going.

Well-known scientists, athletes, and twin sisters, Merav and Michal Mor, created this gadget. It was inspired by the Ironman race they were training for; they needed a portable, easy, and reliable way to track their metabolism. Essence precedes existence. Hence, they created a device that connects with smartphones via Bluetooth and reveals if your body is burning fats or carbohydrates for energy.


How does it work?

Lumen boasts of hacking your metabolism, so what’s the code? Well, according to Lumen, it starts with a breath.

This gadget makes use of a CO2 sensor and a flow meter to ascertain the CO2 concentration in your breath. Your body can burn either fats or carbohydrates as fuel for energy. Lumen metabolism tracker tells you which your body is using.

Lumen, Metabolism Tracker, healthcare tech, wearable device While may help you understand your metabolism and ease some of your diet and workout hassles, it takes a kind of strict devotion to use it. As discussed by Forbes, you are to use it in the morning before eating anything. It should be at least 30 minutes after waking up and keep a 12 hours gap before your last meal and the time of checking whether your energy source consists mainly of carbohydrates or fats. WIRED, however, states that the gap between the last mealtime and using Lumen could be 8 hours.

This gadget is built like an inhaler, although sleeker. To use it, you breathe in and out through it. To get a result out of it, you inhale through it, hold your breath for 10 seconds, then exhale through it. You could repeat this process multiple times. The mobile app will instruct you on when it is enough. The metabolism process is measured by the respiratory exchange ratio. For reliable results, you use Lumen for at least a month.


How do you know if you are burning carbohydrates or fats?

According to WIRED, after breathing adequately through the inhaler, Lumen determines whether your body is burning carbohydrates or fats by scoring you from 1 to 5. If it scores 1 to 2, then you are burning fats; if it scores you 4–5, then you are burning carbohydrates; if it is 3, then it is a mixture of both.

Furthermore, the app advises you on what you should eat and how to regulate your metabolism. It advises based on your score; it recommends eating low-, medium-, or high-carbohydrate foods. This helps with creating an efficient dieting and workout routine.

But, think about it, if you already have a good knowledge of your body and diets, do you need this gadget? It is a simple ‘no’, especially when you consider the price.


Pros and Cons of Lumen:

Lumen seems like a luxury item. A gadget that measures your metabolism and gives diet advice and costs $350…? It is a luxury.

However, if it is a luxury you can afford and that you need, its utility value is quite commendable. Consider the pros of Lumen.

  1. Chiefly, what Lumen does is “hack” your metabolism so you can have “metabolic flexibility.” This means that you can efficiently alternate between using carbohydrates or fats as fuel. As far as you follow the instructions given by Lumen strictly, you could become a big-time hacker–sounds cool, doesn’t it?
  2. Like a ripple effect, metabolic flexibility results in effective fat burning, which leads to immune strengthening and better sleeping–all that equals you being healthier.
  3. Lumen is very easy to use, and it is pocket portable. That is a whole professional nutritionist in your jeans pocket.

Cons of Lumen Metabolism Tracker? Well, they are not much.

  1. It could get tiring to use. It makes your metabolism flexible, but its usage routine is not flexible a bit.
  2. The price is exorbitant.
  3. As much as Lumen is easy to use, it is often hard to get an accurate reading. The app might instruct you to reiterate the process of inhaling, 10 seconds breath-holding, and exhaling 2 to 3 times. Also, experts remain skeptical of the readings Lumen provides, as they opine the results cannot be fully verified. According to Mashable, after consulting two members of U.C. Davis’ Health Center, experts aren’t entirely convinced of its accuracy or usefulness.

There are alternatives to Lumen. If you are fine with prehistoric-looking equipment, Parvo Trueone 2400 metabolic cart is an option. It is considered to be efficient. Its efficiency is so trusted that it served as the bar for Lumen studies. In particular, the study was done by Francisco State University to judge the performance of Lumen against that of parvo Trueone 2400. However, it is both not portable and not easy to use–someone with a fear of hangman might get an anxiety attack trying to use it. You have to wear a hood over your head, so your breath can be captured for analysis. It costs $20,000 and is certainly not for private owners.Lumen, Metabolism Tracker, healthcare tech, wearable device


Lumen metabolism tracker alternatives

Below are a couple of portable and similarly easy to use alternatives.


This focuses more on providing information about foods that are more compatible with your digestive system. It uses hydrogen breath testing. When the food you eat does not digest fully, certain bacteria in your gut break them down. This process produces a small amount of hydrogen, which finds its way into your blood and gets transferred into the lungs through breathing. This makes it possible to measure the hydrogen through your breath. It costs $159.


This focuses chiefly on your energy source (carbohydrate or fats), just like Lumen; it measures your resting energy and enables you to monitor this information. It has the same mode of usage as Lumen does. It costs $250.



Lumen metabolism Tracker is one of the outstanding portable devices to track your metabolism health. Although the price might seem exorbitant, it offers a range of features that can keep you on track. Throughout this article, we explored how Lumen can be beneficial to you and what features of alternatives you might consider.




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