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Medisafe App Review


Medisafe App Review

Managing your medications is simple enough when you have just one or two to take daily. However, when you add in more medications or managing meds for multiple people in the family, things can get pretty confusing. That’s where an app like Medisafe can come in handy. This Medisafe app review will give you all the information you need to know so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you.

What Is the Medisafe App?

This app is designed for one main purpose, to ensure taking your meds is not a hassle. This means it has several services blended into one app. These include:

・Medication Timer
Make sure you take your pills on time with personalized timers that go off when needed. Never forget to take your meds again!

・Refill Warning
If you tend to forget to refill your prescription until it’s almost too late, then this feature is just what you need. It gives you plenty of warning time so you can be sure to refill before you get too low.

・Possible Drug Interactions
Even doctors can occasionally miss a drug interaction, so if you’re taking multiple medications, you need to double-check that they won’t react with each other. The Medisafe app automatically checks this for you.

・Family Medicine Tracker
Have several people taking meds in your family? The app allows you to add multiple family members if you’re keeping track of meds for others, or you can add someone as a Medifriend to alert them if you forget a medication.

Planning to buy some sort of medication? You can easily save money with coupons that will pop up in the app for you.

There are a number of other features to help manage your medications, whether they are over the counter or prescription. However, apart from keeping track of when to take pills and which ones, the app is also extremely useful if you are visiting with a doctor or in the hospital. You can quickly and easily show the doctors what your medical schedule looks like, without worrying that you may have forgotten something.

The Medisafe app is ideal for anyone who has to take multiple medications, forgets to take their medication on time, or is managing multiple family members with medical issues. If you are a caregiver, then you can set this up for your patient and have the information pass to your phone, as well, so you stay on top of things, too.

Since the Medisafe app is completely free, there’s really no good reason not to try it out for yourself.

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Pros and Cons of the Medisafe App

Lik9e any apps, there are definitely some ups and downs to this particular app. Let’s take a look at the pros, first.

  • It reminds you of your meds and continues to chime until you take the medication
  • It reminds you to take insulin and check blood sugars
  • Includes information on various medications
  • Connects easily to Apple watch
  • Screen changes to reflect how close you are to your medication time
  • Includes measurement area for tracking vital signs

Of course, there are some bad things about the app. Most complaints include the following:

  • Updates can be glitchy
  • Some people dislike the vibrate mode if the phone is on silent
  • It does not support Siri shortcuts

Overall, the majority of the complaints refer to update glitches, which are generally fixed fairly rapidly. These may include medications being erased from the timer or simply slower opening times.

What People Say About the Medisafe App

One of the best ways to determine if an app is ideal for you, aside from actually using it, is to look at what other people say. Overall, the Medisafe app has a pretty high rating and most people are quite happy with it.

Tiffenerkies says, “I think the reminders are good features. And that it keeps reminding you if you haven’t taken the pill. Better half an hour late than not at all if you get sidetracked.”

Those who tended to complain talked mainly about glitches or updates, such as Nolan_11, who said, “The app worked great on iPhone and Apple Watch. Since versions 7.1.30, 7.1.31 and 7.1.32, the application no longer works. Why ruin such a good job with bad updates?”

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Good Alternatives to the Medisafe App

Medisafe isn’t the only app to keep you on track with meds. In fact, there are quite a few available, so it’s really a matter of looking at which features you need. Here are some of the more popular options available.

Dosecast is available on Android and Apple and offers simple tracking and reminders. It has a free version, as well as a Pro version, depending on how many features you need.

Another option is MedHelper, which is actually meant to work with your healthcare practitioner. When you take your medication, the information is compiled so your doctor can see how compliant you’ve been. It also manages your pill inventory to let you know when a refill is necessary.

For those who use an iPhone, PillPack is another good choice for tracking medication times. Not only does it have a timer, but it can also actually remind you to take your pill when you get home, by using location tracking. If you’re out and about when it’s time to take the pill, you’ll be reminded, but can then set it to let you know once you arrive at your house again. It also lets you import and shares your medicine list, making it simple to give doctors, pharmacists, and others access to your medication list.

If you’re looking for a good, easy-to-use medication tracker, then Medisafe is definitely one of the better options. It is simple to use but offers plenty of information to educate you, as well.


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