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Muscle Trigger Points App Helps You Stay Healthy 


Muscle Trigger Points App Helps You Stay Healthy 

Everyone suffers from muscle pain here and there. It may be from overdoing your workout, sleeping in the wrong position, or just twisting a muscle when you didn’t mean to. No matter the cause, muscle pain can affect your entire body and will restrict movements. 

Trigger points are the points where your muscles get “knotted” and sore. These areas are particularly sensitive and can become very painful. If it becomes a long-term pain, it’s considered myofascial pain syndrome, but even shorter-term knots can be unpleasant. You may feel these spots in the muscles as marble-size lumps under the skin. 

Traditionally, massage therapy is required to release these knots, and the pain associated with them. However, with the Muscle Trigger Points app, you can treat many of them yourself at home. 


What Is the Muscle Trigger Points App? 

Anyone who has a repetitious job or works out a lot will want to look at this app. It shows you where 160 trigger points are found, along with their referral patterns. The app also identifies 80 conditions caused by trigger points to help you determine if the issue is greater than just overdoing leg day. 

With the app, you can see a whole-body view of all the points you may need to work on, or you can zoom in to an individual muscle. There are zones, as well, so if you know you have pain in a specific area, the app shows you which trigger points are most likely the issue. 

Something that many people don’t realize is that pain in one area of the body may actually result from a trigger point in another area. This is where the pain patterns come in handy. You can see if there are specific muscles affected, yet causing pain elsewhere. 

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Pros and Cons of the Muscle Trigger Points App 

The app is well designed and perfect for anyone looking to release trigger points at home. If you need to identify the source of your pain, this may be quite helpful. However, there are some ups and downs to any product, and this is no exception. 

Pros of the Muscle Trigger Points app include the fact that it allows you to see pain patterns, zones, and even choose an individual muscle to study. If you’re not up on your muscular anatomy, the app will quickly remedy that. It also features videos, which show you exactly how to release those affected trigger points. 

Originally only available on Apple products, the app is now available for Android as well. It costs just $2.99, which is considerably cheaper than seeing a specialist. 

Cons of the app are few, but there are some. For example, you’ll need special equipment for some trigger point releases. If you have a spot on your back, for example, you probably won’t reach it easily with your hand, especially not to apply pressure. Foam rollers and balls are the most commonly used additions to help ease those muscle knots. 

Unfortunately, releasing trigger points may not always be that simple at home and several users have commented that the videos don’t give as much detail as they could. You may still need to see a specialist for some stubborn areas, but it’s still worth the price to get the app. However, be aware that the Android version is considered by many to be inferior to the iPhone option. 


What Users Think 

People seem to love this app, given its 4.8-star rating. Many have used it to alleviate chronic pain and find it extremely useful. Due to the fact that the Android version is not as complete as the Apple one, we’ll look at what people have to say about the iPhone version. 

The user Camasj says, “This app is much quicker and simpler to use than websites I would search for trigger points before.” 

According to DemiM3, “I had been having a lot of pain and couldn’t really figure out the cause. Turns out I had a lot of trigger points and after working on them, I’m now starting to feel great again!” 

Everyone from laymen to professionals use the app to identify potential trouble spots and treat them. Even chiropractors and yoga teachers find it helpful to show their patients and students what is going on in their bodies. The app gives just enough knowledge to aid people in their journey to health and fitness without being overwhelming. 

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Alternatives to the Muscle Trigger Point App 

Muscle Trigger Points stands out from all other options when it comes to specifically looking at muscle triggers. In fact, it’s essentially the only one like it out there, but you can still find several other anatomy apps if you want to increase your overall knowledge. 

Visual Anatomy Lite is a popular option that’s free. It offers an interactive experience to learn anatomy, including muscle action, descriptions, 3D rotating models, and more. There is a Pro version available for $2.99. 

Clinical Pattern Recognition: Hip and Thigh Pain is another app that is meant for physical therapists. It helps identify where the muscle pain is coming from and costs $19.99. The app gives positioning tips, pain pattern highlights, and links to PubMed for more information. 

Muscle System Pro III is also designed to highlight muscles and was developed in collaboration with the Stanford University School of Medicine. It tends to be used by healthcare professionals and at a price point of $9.99, it’s quite affordable. Its main claim to fame is the ability to look through various layers of muscle and the 215 animations of joints. 

If you are in the market for a way to ease muscle pain, the Muscle Trigger Points app is currently the best on the market. It may have some downsides, but overall, people with an iPad or iPhone love it. The app also provides the necessary information to prevent chronic pain. 

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