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MyTherapy: An Award Winning Medication Reminder App


MyTherapy: An Award Winning Medication Reminder App

Anyone who takes more than one or two medications may find it challenging to stay on top of dosing times. It’s very easy to lose track of when you need to take which medicine and worse, whether or not you already took it. In this MyTherapy review, you’ll learn about a unique app that is designed to solve this exact issue.

The Dangers of Missed or Doubled Medications

Did you know that the chances of dying due to medication non-adherence (not taking your medicine as prescribed) can be deadly? It causes around 125,000 deaths a year in the United States alone and three quarters of people don’t take their medication as directed. While there are multiple reasons for not taking medication as needed, one of the big reasons is simply forgetting or not understanding the dosage properly.

Some medications may not affect your life or body drastically and can be taken at different times during the day, but for more serious conditions, this is not true. For example, hypertension, a health condition that affects nearly 50 percent of all adults in the U.S., requires regular use of medication once started. It’s extremely dangerous to start and stop this type of medication, as it can vary the patient’s blood pressure. Accidentally taking two pills within a short period of time could lead to a drastic drop in blood pressure, which could be deadly. Likewise, skipping a dose can cause blood pressure to rise, which increases the chances of a stroke or heart attack.

Other medications are considered time specific or time critical, where taking the medication at the same time each day is essential. If the timing is off by 30 minutes in either direction, the effects can be dangerous. Obviously, you need to be very careful if you have this type of medication, since you don’t want to become ill due to taking it at the wrong time.

If you are prescribed medicine that should be taken several times a day, you need to be sure to do this. Antibiotics cannot effectively treat an infection if you take them only once a day when you’re supposed to take them every 8 hours.

Unfortunately, most people forget to take their medications at least a few times. In most cases, forgetting once won’t hurt you, but it could cause more side effects or withdrawal symptoms. MyTherapy could be useful for ensuring you don’t forget again.

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What Is MyTherapy?

MyTherapy is an app designed to remind you when to take your medicine. However, it goes beyond what a simple alarm would do and provides tracking for your health, as well. Here are a few things that MyTherapy offers:

Dosing times: The alarm sounds to let you know when to take a medication. It is set up for multiple medications, so you can add them all.

Injection sites: If you’re doing injections, this helps you recall where you last injected so you can switch it up each time.

Medication tracking: Not only will the app let you know when to take meds, it reminds you to get a refill. This is very useful if you tend to run out of meds and only remember to get them at the last minute.

Pill diary: Wondering if you took the pill or not? You can confirm the dose on the alarm and it will be added to the pill diary so you can double check later.

Weight tracking: Stay on top of your weight gain or loss with the weight log. This is useful if your medication may cause changes in weight or if you need to track it for your health.

Stats tracking: Depending on your condition, you may need to keep track of your blood sugar, blood pressure, etc. This makes it simple to keep all that information in one place. You can also monitor your mood, symptoms, and more.

Family notice: If you miss a dose, you can set the app to notify someone close to you. This helps give you a backup and some extra support.

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Tips and information: The app provides tips and tricks for managing some of the most common health issues that Americans face today.

Overall, the MyTherapy app is designed to give you a comprehensive experience that will help you take your medications on time, every time.

Who Needs MyTherapy?

Everyone is at risk of forgetting their medicine, so technically, anyone taking a medicine can benefit from using an app like this. However, if you are dealing with multiple medications, medicating multiple family members or have complex medical issues, then it’s even more important to stay on top of everything.

It can be difficult to remember everything when you’re busy with work, kids or anything else that life throws at you. This is true if you are struggling with chronic pain, fatigue, or another mind-altering symptom that could distract you from remembering your medication.

Pros and Cons of MyTherapy

Overall, the MyTherapy app is quite simple to work with, and most users find it very helpful. The app has a high rating, but it does have some pros and cons.

On the plus side, the app is free, so there’s no good reason not to use it. It’s quite comprehensive and offers just about everything you might need to track, as well as the alarm. You can also print out your records for your doctor.

However, there are some downsides. With some phones on battery-saving mode, the notifications may not sound and you need to fix this issue manually. Some people also find that it does more than they really need it to and they would prefer something simpler. This MyTherapy review would be amiss if it didn’t cover the cons, too.

If you’re looking for an app that will give you the reminders you need and tracking for your health and medication, then this could be the right one for you. The MyTherapy app is available for free, so it’s simple enough to try it for yourself.


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