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Omron Blood Pressure Monitor


Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitors have been available for home use for many years, but most are unwieldy and can be awkward to use in public. The new HeartGuide™ Omron blood pressure monitor allows you to check your blood pressure and heart rate discreetly anywhere you happen to be. In this Omron review, we’ll take a closer look at how this innovative piece of technology can help you stay on top of your health.


What Is the HeartGuide™?

Designed to be more portable than the average automatic blood pressure monitor, this device is worn like a large watch. It’s relatively lightweight and can tell time and set exercise goals, track your fitness, etc. However, where it really excels is in checking your blood pressure throughout the day.

Everyone’s blood pressure changes as they switch activities. You’ll have a very different reading when lying down for a nap than after a jog at the park. This device allows you to monitor those changes and to track them. When you talk to your doctor, you’ll have a record of your heart rate and pressure over time to show them.

The pressure cuff uses a small, inflatable cuff that fits inside the wristband. By starting the reading and then placing your arm in the required position, it will inflate and read your pressure with startling accuracy. The information is then sent to the partner app on your phone.

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Why You Should Consider the Omron Blood Pressure Monitor

About 45 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from high blood pressure. Unfortunately, having hypertension can be dangerous, causing or contributing to nearly half a million deaths each year. It’s not just dangerous on its own because it can be a sign of another issue, such as cancer or diabetes.

In order to treat your high blood pressure, it’s essential to monitor it on a regular basis. It’s something many people find difficult, given the bulky nature of most blood pressure monitors. The HeartGuide™ monitor is small enough to take anywhere, and with such a portable device, you can check your blood pressure every 10 minutes or as often as you like.

Everything from your activity to your food can cause changes in your blood pressure, and if you know what causes your pressure to go up, it’s easier to look after yourself. That’s why Omron lets you track your blood pressure and stay on top of what you were doing just before each reading.

Omron, medicaldevice, bloodpressure, bpmonitor, heartguide, scienceupdates

Innovative New Tech

The HeartGuide™ monitor required over 80 patents for all the tiny components developed for it. Everything needed to be scaled down yet work perfectly to give the most accurate results possible. This meant new technology had to be designed and adapted in order to create the innovative piece of tech that could end up saving lives.

This blood pressure wearable is beyond anything else that has been developed so far. It can easily be used to check your pressure, but it serves many other purposes. It functions as a smartwatch in all other aspects, collecting information on your fitness and steps walked and allowing for monitoring your sleep habits, as well as providing you with insights into how your daily activities affect your heart health.

The Omron blood pressure monitor is a good way to get back on top of your health, with no old, bulky methods of checking your pressure. Just use the handy wearable for accurate information.


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