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The MyLivia Device: A New Way to Relieve Cramp Pain


The MyLivia Device: A New Way to Relieve Cramp Pain

Period cramps are one of the most complained about symptoms from periods. While people may take painkillers to help with the pain, there are new solutions available, including the MyLivia device, which is meant to prevent the pain completely.

What is MyLivia?

Very simply, Livia is a device that uses electrical pulses to block your nerves from relaying pain sensations to the brain. It’s a tiny device that holds a battery and can be recharged as needed. The device is connected to two sticker pads that you place on your abdomen, or wherever it hurts. Safe amounts of electricity then pulse into your body to block the nerve signals.

The device is essentially a TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine, and it works to shut off the pain, blocking it from ever reaching the brain. However, the Livia has been designed specifically for period pain. When used over a large period of time, it helps the body release beta-endorphins. According to studies, most people feel some relief from the menstrual pain, and a large number felt total relief from the pain.

Each kit comes with a brightly colored electrical unit, two flower patches, and 3 months’ worth of gel pads. There are two options for purchasing. You can either buy it outright and get a 2-year warranty with 3 months of gel pads and free US shipping (from the company), or you can purchase a subscription. The subscription gives you a lifetime warranty with a lifetime supply of gel pads (as long as you’re subscribed) and a new Livia device every three years. You also can get free shipping anywhere in the world.

The purchase option is $199 and the subscription requires a $49 sign-up fee and costs $8 a month after that. The subscription also requires a four month minimum commitment.

Who Can Benefit from MyLivia

Anyone who has menstrual cramps during that time of the month will want to try MyLivia. While some people don’t have major symptoms, far too many suffer from debilitating cramps. These are the people who will benefit from using the device, particularly if they are not interested in taking large amounts of pills to only slightly reduce the pain.

Since you will spend nearly a full decade menstruating, that means there is a good reason to avoid unnecessary pain. With that in mind, MyLivia was designed to help.

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Pros and Cons of the MyLivia Device

Many people are wary of new devices like this and worry about side effects. So just how good is the device? Is it safe? Here are the pros and cons of using it.

The pros include:

–         You can’t develop a tolerance to it, so it will always work

–         No side effects

–         Instant relief

–         Long-lasting battery that can be recharged (lasts most of the day)

–         Works for 90% of people

–         Completely portable and unnoticeable under clothing

–         Available in several fun colors

Of course, there are some cons to the whole thing, but that’s to be expected. They include:

–         10% of users won’t find relief

–         Less effective on plus-size people

–         Pricy

–         Electrode wires have a tendency to malfunction

While the pros certainly outweigh the cons, you really need to consider if you’re willing to spend $199 on the product.

What People Are Saying About MyLivia

The best way to learn how well a device works is to check with people who have previously used it. That means checking into reviews or talking to those who have their own unit.

Lauren says, “It allows me to live my life without caffeinated pain pills or any pills at all!”

Jessica indicated that “Me and my wife suffer from very strong period cramps and it really helps manage the pain, totally worth the money.”

Kristi is also a fan, saying, “This product does what it advertises. My daughter is not functional several days a month. This will allow her to go to classes and work while she would have normally been suffering.”

Not everyone was so thrilled, however. A few people mentioned issues with the electrode wires splitting and Jasmine said, “I bought this because I have endometriosis and the pain is intolerable with my period/ovulation. This machine definitely helped. It was nice that it was small and discrete, however, the wires wore out quickly (Livia sent new ones free of charge).

Alternatives to MyLivia

While the Livia device may be designed to pulse for period cramps, it’s certainly not the first TENS machine out there.

Ovira is one of the top competitors for Livia and offers essentially the same service, though in a much simpler package. The devices are oval in shape and plain colored, with simple round stickers and gel pads. It’s also cheaper than Livia, at $139.

In the UK, there’s the Ova+, a very basic machine that retails for £58.29, with simple rectangular pads and a small device to provide the electrical impulses. It appears to be just as effective, according to those who have used it.

Another option for those who deal with heavy cramps may also choose Monthli, another TENS machine that has extra features. The large device is all-in-one and looks a little awkward, but it not only provides electrical stimulation to block nerves that transmit pain but also heats for extra comfort. It is much more difficult to hide it under clothes, though. Coming in with a price tag of $169, this is a reasonably priced device.

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In the end, MyLivia is not the only device that is effective in stopping menstrual pain, though it does claim to be the only one with pulses specifically designed for cramps. It does have a high success rate in helping alleviate the symptoms of menstrual pain, despite the price. For those who care, the device is also much cuter than other options and available in fun colors.



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