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TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor: Get the Most Out of Any Workout


TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor: Get the Most Out of Any Workout

What is the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is a wearable device capable of tracking many types of information related to exercise. While its core functionality is monitoring your heart rate during exercise, it also registers how many calories you burn and provides data on running and cycling. This device uses a chest strap design to keep it secure and in place during even the most strenuous of workouts.


Who Benefits from Using the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

Anyone who wants to track their workout activities can benefit from the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor, but the specialized feature set is geared towards those wishing to take a deep dive into their performance during running, cycling, and other types of exercise. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts can use this data to improve their running form, adjust their cycling workouts, and other methods of optimization. The device also works well for people who prefer a chest-mounted monitor over a wristband design.

Benefits of the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

  • Small and light form factor

    This heart rate monitor is lightweight, relatively small, and stays out of the way while running and biking.

  • Uses Bluetooth and ANT+

    You can connect to 3 Bluetooth devices and unlimited ANT+ devices with this heart rate monitor.

  • Treadmill mode

    This workout mode is designed to accurately reflect speed and distance when on a treadmill.

  • Indoor cycling mode

    This workout mode tracks data about your cycling cadence on a stationary bike.

  • Running analytics

    The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor delivers a substantial amount of information on your running progress. The Wahoo Running Smoothness feature takes a three-dimensional view to determine the quality of your running form. You’ll see what you’re doing correctly and incorrectly with this metric.

  • Broad compatibility

    The TICKR X works with 50 leading training apps, GPS devices, smartphones, exercise equipment computers, and Apple devices. The first-party Wahoo app is an excellent option, but you can pick and choose the third-party options as needed.

  • Workout device-free:

    The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor can store 50 hours of exercise data if you don’t want to take your smartphone with you.

  • Long-lasting battery

    You get up to 500 hours or more of battery life.

  • Well-established brand and product line

    Wahoo is well-known in the running and cycling enthusiast communities, with a stellar reputation. They have more than a decade of experience in offering heart rate monitors like the TICKR X.

  • IPX7 Waterproofing

    You don’t have to worry about rain causing problems during your workouts.

  • Accurate heart rate

    Chest strap monitors are a more accurate gauge of your heart rate. When you want precise information about your performance, the more accuracy, the better.

  • ANT+ real-time running dynamics

    TICKR X supports pairing with GPS watches, allowing it to track ANT+ Running Dynamics. You get real-time information on your running form, so you can improve from moment to moment. The device’s built-in accelerometer tracks your ground contact time, stride cadence, and vertical oscillation.

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Drawbacks of the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

  • Not USB rechargeable

    If you’re not a fan of keeping batteries on hand, you may want to opt for a different heart rate monitor. The TICKR X uses a coin battery.

  • No analog option for fitness equipment

    Check your fitness equipment to determine whether you can connect to it without an analog strap.

  • No underwater heart rate

    While this heart rate monitor has water resistance, it can’t track your heart rate accurately when you’re swimming.

  • Strap length could be longer

    Larger bodied people may need to make alterations to the strap for it to fit correctly.

  • Features are overkill for the casual crowd

    A lot of the tracked data goes above and beyond a typical heart rate monitor or fitness tracker. You’re paying a lot for these features, so casual users may be better served going with a less feature-rich wearable.


TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor Pricing

The MSRP for the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is $79.99. It’s available on the manufacturer’s website, Wahoo Fitness, and at many online retailers and sporting goods stores.


Customer Impressions of the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor has exceptionally positive reviews, with many people appreciating the 2020 updates that Wahoo has added to this model.

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Alternatives to the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor

The closest competition to the TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is the Garmin HRM-Run and the Polar H10. Many features compare closely, although the Garmin model falls behind due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity. While it offers a nice feature range, the convenience of not having Bluetooth can quickly lead to frustration. The Polar H10 is slightly more expensive, but does include an analog option for gym equipment and tracks underwater heart rates.

Wahoo also makes a basic TICKR version that is much less expensive than the TICKR X, at the cost of fewer features. If you’re looking for a basic heart rate monitor and don’t foresee yourself using the advanced capabilities of the TICKR X, then the TICKR Classic Edition is an excellent choice.

The TICKR X Heart Rate Monitor is a top of the line chest-mounted wearable that’s excellent for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and others who demand more data on their workouts. It’s reasonably priced for its functionality and comes from a brand that is known for quality, long-lasting heart rate monitors.


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