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Types of Pregnancy Apps


Types of Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy is something that will never go away, and as long as there are people getting pregnant or trying to, you can expect to find tech aimed at them. However, not all pregnancy apps are the same ortarget the same point in pregnancy. So, what types of apps are there and which ones do you really need?


Fertility Tracking Apps

Ovulation and fertility tracking apps are some of the most popular apps out there. That’s because they help you determine when your most fertile days are and when to have intercourse for the best possible results. These apps work in a variety of ways. Some rely entirely on user input data, while others come with specific devices for measuring urine or temperature, etc. to determine when you are most fertile.

All the apps learn over time and get better at predicting the menstrual cycle and when ovulation will occur.

The first type of fertility app is really just based on what the user feels. The simplest options, period trackers, will ask for the first and last day of your period and then suggest a suspected fertility date. They are not necessarily accurate for ovulation dates, but can be good at predicting regular cycles. Some of these apps, such as Ovulation Calendar and Fertility, use cervical mucus and basal temperatures to add accuracy.

The Mira fertility tracker actually tracks your LH and estrogen levels with daily urine tests that you can do at home. The app then takes that information and works out when you are more likely to get pregnant. It’s one of the more accurate options since it directly checks your hormonal output.

The Ava Fertility Bracelet is one of the options that uses a wearable thermometer or monitor to check vital signs. Since the body’s vitals change slightly with ovulation, the app can collect data from the sensor and then give specific options for fertile days.

These types of apps are ideal for pre-pregnancy or preventing pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Progression/Tracking Apps

Once you are pregnant, you’ll want to keep track of everything happening to your body. Most women also like to know what’s going on with the baby and learn about the various stages of development. For these moms-to-be, progression apps are perfect for this stage. They give you information on your baby’s developmental milestones while in the womb and provide information on common pregnancy symptoms.

There are many types of trackers, including simple ones that merely give you the baby’s size and development each week, such as the Baby Chakra app, which provides just basic info, and Baby Bump, which gives images of your baby, plus some basic info.

However, if you’re looking for more, then apps like the Sprout Pregnancy app are a better choice. Sprout gives you 3D images of your baby at each stage of the pregnancy, tips, and facts on the baby’s milestones, as well as what the mother is dealing with in the pregnancy. It has articles, doctor’s information, and more. The app also includes checklists, appointment dates, and trackers for contractions, doctor visits, and even your hospital bag.

These are the apps you’re most likely to use once you’re expecting since they will help you understand every part of the pregnancy process. It’s helpful to find one that offers a community, as well, so you can talk to other expectant mothers.


Pregnancy Health Apps

Staying healthy during your pregnancy is also important, and there are apps specifically designed for that. You need to be careful what you do during pregnancy, so these apps are great for showing you what is acceptable and what can help you stay in shape while waiting for your baby’s arrival.

Hello Belly is a pregnancy tracker like those apps featured in the previous section, but it also gives you pregnancy yoga training. Yoga is a nice easy way to open up your body and stretch your muscles without doing cardio or more strenuous exercises.

If you have more specific fitness and health goals during pregnancy and postpartum, then you’ll want an app that offers a broader range of workout options and activity tracking. One such app is Baby 2 Body. It offers pregnancy-safe workouts and plans to reach your goals, as well as nutrition help and even access to a wellness coach. While the app itself is free, you need Premium to access some of the other options.

Of course, mental health is just as important as physical health. Peanut is one of the best ways for pregnant women on their own to find support. The app helps you find other women at the same stage of motherhood in your area. You can talk online or meet up in real life. It’s helpful for those who are under a lot of stress.


Contraction Timers

Contraction Timers,fertilityapp,ovulationtracking,pregnancyapp,fertilityband,fertility,pregnancytech,ovulationappOnce the contractions hit, it can be tough to know if this is really labor or if you’re far enough along to go to the hospital. To help you out, there are apps that time your contractions and keep track of them. The aptly named Contraction Timer gives you the basics. Just tap to start a contraction and tap when it’s over, and the app does the rest. It will even let you know when it’s time to go to the hospital or talk to a doctor.

It’s also worth noting that many regular pregnancy apps offer contraction timers as part of the package. Check before you download something else specifically for this purpose.


Baby Registry Apps

When you’re expecting your little one, you may have some pretty specific stuff in mind to get for them. Everything from clothing to baby gear has to be carefully selected. The best way to ensure you get what you want when friends and family are gifting you items is to set up a baby registry. It also takes the stress out of gift-giving for your friends.

You can set up a baby registry on nearly any store you like these days. From Amazon to Babies R Us, you can simply sign in and set it up, adding what you want. However, there are also a few apps out there that allow you to add anything you like.

Babylist lets you add anything from any store, so you not only have more options, but the people wanting to bless your baby can easily pick items from more than one place to send you.

With so many apps to choose from, you have something for every stage of pregnancy. Apps are a technology that can be carried with you and provide information the moment you need it.



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