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Wearable Device Review: Grace Wristband 


Wearable Device Review: Grace Wristband 

Dealing with hot flashes can be uncomfortable. They seem to occur when you least expect them, and they can change the entire course of your day. According to a study, as many as 80% of women going through menopause experience hot flashes. For many women, this can last for years!

Luckily, there’s a wearable device being developed that can help you better live with hot flashes and improve your overall comfort. The Grace Wristband is a tracking and cooling bracelet that can bring you relief. It can detect and reverse the effects of a hot flash so that you’re able to sleep better at night and feel better all day long. Check out our detailed review of the Grace wristband to find out if this is a good wearable device for you.

Why the Grace Wristband Exists

When going through perimenopause and menopause, it’s normal for hot flashes to occur often. These hot flashes can be incredibly uncomfortable, lead to flushed skin, and also cause the body to sweat. This is especially difficult when trying to sleep at night. The Grace Wristband was developed to help women better deal with hot flashes. This automated tracking and cooling bracelet can reduce discomfort by activating a cooling patch on the wrist to reverse the effects of a hot flash. The creators of Grace Wristband want to bring relief to more women.

Who Is the Grace Wristband Meant For

This wearable device is made for anyone who frequently experiences hot flashes because of menopause. The comfortable bracelet can be worn all day and features automation tools so that it can combat hot flashes right away.

Not all women who go through menopause want to rely on medications to feel relief. Many women don’t want to take a prescription for their hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms because these medications can have negative side effects. The good news is this wristband can provide a non-medicated form of relief to women. Since you can wear it all day like any other bracelet or watch, there’s no need to change daily habits to get relief. The cooling functions are automated, adding convenience to your life.

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Benefits of the Grace Wristband

There are several benefits that can come with wearing the Grace Wristband. Here’s a look at some of the top benefits:

  • It is automated, to catch hot flashes before they occur.
  • It provides a cooling sensation at the onset of a hot flash.
  • It has a beautiful design, so the wearer can feel like they’re wearing regular jewelry.
  • It can be worn at all times, including when sleeping.
  • It can be used with an app to better understand individual hot flashes.
  • It provides increased comfort.
  • It is easy to use and doesn’t require special knowledge or skills.


Drawbacks of the Grace Wristband

While this wearable device is incredible and can help many people, it’s not yet available for purchase. The Grace Wristband is still in the developmental stage, meaning that it won’t be available for purchase for some time. If you plan to use this bracelet, you’ll need to wait before doing so. However, if you have an interest in this device, you can get added to the company’s mailing list to receive updates.


Grace Wristband Pricing 

Currently, there is no information on the price of the Grace Wristband. You can expect to pay a set fee for the device itself. There will be a corresponding app to use along with the device, but there is no word on whether this app will be free or have paid features.


Customer Reviews

Since this device is not yet officially on the market, there are no reviews available about the product. You’ll want to keep updated on current developments to see when the Gace Wristband is available for purchase. At that time, you’ll likely see customer reviews. It’s always a good idea to take a look at reviews when buying any new smart device or wearable device.

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Alternatives to the Grace Wristband 

There are some other products on the market that have similar capabilities. For example, the Embr Wave 1 and the Ember Wave 2 are wearable wristbands developed by Embr Labs. The Embr Wave 1 is the first product created by the company. The device itself costs $229, with an additional fee of $35 for a comfort band.

The Embr Wave 2 is the most recent version of the product, and it’s now available for a limited pre-order. Pre-ordered devices will ship this August. This device costs $299, with an additional cost of $35 for a comfort band.

Both of these devices are FSA eligible, which can help to make it more affordable for more people. These devices also work similarly to the Grace Wristband by cooling the wrist to provide comfort when needed. Unlike the Grace Wristband, however, this function on the Embr Wave is not automated. Instead, the wearer will need to press a button to get relief. Both devices also have cooling and heating capabilities, to provide comfort even when the wearer is not having hot flashes.

The KULKUF wristband is another alternative product to consider. While this product does provide hot flash relief, it’s a soft wristband and not a bracelet or watch-style device. Similar to the Embr Wave 1 and Embr Wave 2 devices, the cooling action is not automated. Instead, the wearer must activate this feature and then will feel relief in about 60 seconds. This wearable product costs $199. While that’s a cheaper price point than the other competitors, it definitely doesn’t look as attractive as some of the other options and may be more noticeable.

To fully compare the features of these devices and the Grace Wristband, it’s best to wait and see when the Grace Wristband is available for purchase. Then you can clearly compare all the features to make the best purchase choice for your needs.


Is the Grace Wristband Right for You? 

If you’ve been experiencing menopausal hot flashes, you’re likely feeling uncomfortable. The good news is there are solutions out there to help you improve your comfort and get the relief that you need. If you want to explore a non-medicated option, the Grace Wristband might be worth checking out. Keep an eye out for when the product is fully developed and available for purchase. It may make sense for you to purchase a device that looks attractive and is automated so you can greatly improve your day-to-day comfort.


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