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Why People Should Embrace Period Tracking Apps 


Why People Should Embrace Period Tracking Apps 

Period tracker apps have several benefits, ranging from general wellness to pregnancy prevention. Technology has made things easier, allowing women to have control of their menstrual cycles. Understanding one’s periods can enhance one’s understanding of themselves, allowing them to have more control of their lives. 

Planning your life accordingly also helps improve physical and mental health. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should start using a period tracker app. 


Understand your unique patterns 

Using a period tracker app is the most accessible means of understanding your unique menstrual patterns. According to a study, 14.2% of adult women aged 19–54 years reported having irregular menstruation. In the literature, the prevalence of irregular menstruation varies from 5% to 35.6%, depending on age, occupation, and country of residence.  

Even though 28 days is considered the global average, you may not have a similar experience. These apps allow you to log when your period occurs, helping you understand your average cycle length. Additionally, period tracking apps enable you to track your mood, your cravings, your bloating, along with other different symptoms. Thus, helping you figure out so many interesting and surprising things about your body, but particularly your mood. Being aware of your cycle and your physio-psychological changes makes you feel more naturally in control and prepared for your next period. You do not want to be caught off guard.  


Helps in pregnancy prevention 

Using a period tracker app will assist you in identifying when you are fertile and most vulnerable to pregnancy—using an algorithm to calculate the fertile and non-fertile times in a woman’s cycle. The app notifies the user to abstain from sex (or use prevention) on fertile days and designates on which days unprotected sex is less likely to lead to pregnancy. 

While tackling this issue, you need to understand several misconceptions around pregnancy and how it occurs. The commonest beliefs are that you can only get pregnant on your day of ovulation or get pregnant all the time. 

What if we told you that these are all wrong? You can get pregnant during the days leading to and after ovulation. Most pregnancies can be attributed to that period-a time when most people feel that they are less vulnerable to pregnancy. 

This is normally called the fertility window, which you will never miss while using a period tracker app. It lasts roughly six days on average, broken down into the five days leading to ovulation and a day after ovulation has occurred. 

The most vulnerable pregnancy period occurs two days before ovulation, with odds rapidly decreasing 24 hours after. Therefore, having a period tracker app will clearly show you these moments, helping you avoid any sexual practice that may lead to pregnancy. 

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Enhances general wellness 

We all need to be aware of our general health and wellness. Like it or not, your menstrual cycle indicates your overall health simply because it can be easily affected by external factors. Stress, sicknesses, drugs, or exercises can heavily affect your menstrual cycle, showing just how much of an indicator it is. 

Your body communicates that things are working as they should via your periods. Therefore, if you notice an extremely irregular or heavy period, you should be on the lookout for an underlying issue. The same applies to a lost period. 

Period tracker apps allow you to track and log various details of your cycle, enabling you to remember things that can be easily forgotten when paying a visit to your health provider. You will also have dates of your last period at your fingertips. 


Understand and manage your mood 

Most people believe that their mood change is only caused by PMS, which may not be accurate. Even though PMS may lead to a change of mood, it is not the only reason. Several hormonal changes occur throughout the entire cycle that leads to a change of moods. 

You may have noticed that you are either anxious, irritable, emotional, affectionate, or both during your entire menstrual period. This may be attributed to the hormonal changes happening during menstruation. However, studies are still underway to establish a concrete link between these two. 

Learning when these changes happen via your period tracker app can help you understand your cycle’s rhythm and, therefore, easily manage your mood. Certain period tracking apps allow you to track when you feel productive, happy, sad, exhausted, and a range of other emotions and mental states. 

These apps let you become aware of changes and therefore manage them better. 


Keep a record of your periods 

One may not manage to keep records of her periods naturally. A lot is happening in life, that the trivial details are often lost. However, when using a period tracker app, you will record when menstruating and capture any piece of information regarding your cycle. 

This may be possible with a calendar and a pen, but it is not as effective. Using a period tracking app makes it easier and manageable. Keep in mind that your cycle’s length is measured from the first day of your period all through to your next period. 

Also, do not freak out if your cycle is not on the average 28 days. For older women, 21 to 35 days is normally considered normal. 

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Family Planning  

According to a study, About 12% to 15% of couples are unable to conceive after trying to get pregnant for one year. Whereas there may be several factors at play, the most common one is that they do not make good use of the fertility window. Like we mentioned, this is a period before and immediately after ovulation. 

Period tracker apps reveal the fertility window, defined as a period when one is most vulnerable to getting pregnant. Engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse during such a period enhances the chances of getting pregnant. 

It can also serve as a means of avoiding pregnancy for couples who are not on birth control. Using a period tracker app helps couples who are not on birth control know when they are fertile, meaning that they should avoid unprotected intercourse to prevent pregnancy. This is by far the most effective means other than contraceptives. 



Period tracker apps have immense benefits. Therefore, you should strive to identify one and religiously stick to it. It would be best not to miss out on these benefits. 

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