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5 Top EHRs in 2021


5 Top EHRs in 2021

Electronic health records (EHRs) digitize patient data, making these programs valuable for the healthcare, medical, pharma, and beauty sectors.

But with so many EHR platforms on the market, which one should you choose?

Below, learn the top EHRs that optimize clinical data like progress notes, medical reports, and patient summaries.

Note: Intech.Media has ranked these EHR platforms based on user satisfaction scores from the software review website 


1.Modernizing Medicine

G2 average user review score: 5/5 (based on 11 reviews)

What users say:

  • “This company listens to its customers and strives to put out the best product on the market.”
  • “Everything is in one place, and you can toggle between notes, biopsies, labs, phone messages, etc.”
  • “The speed at which the modernizing medicine team efficiently trained and implemented the software for our practice and surgery center was amazing.”

Modernizing Medicine is the top-rated EHR on, with users commending the software for its ease of use and dynamic interface. Like other top EHRs, this platform stores patient data in the cloud and comes with various tools that facilitate clinical, operational, and financial tasks within a healthcare environment.

In addition, Modernizing Medicine remembers suggested billing codes and exam notes. It also integrates with other services for more effective medical billing, practice management, and patient engagement.

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2.Radekal Productivity Tool

G2 average user review score: 5/5 (based on eight reviews)

What users say:

  • “Radekal has the easiest-to-learn user interface (UI) of any EHR I have seen.”
  • “This application is extremely user-friendly with minimum training needed.”
  • “As a billing administrator, I absolutely LOVE the tight integration of the billing system.”

Radekal Productivity Tool is another one of the top EHRs on the market, with its vendors claiming the platform increases productivity by at least 30 percent. This tool streamlines various tasks associated with patient record management and automates progress notes for busy healthcare, medical, pharma, and beauty teams.

One of the best features of Radekal is its simplicity. The platform comes with a one-page training manual that lets your team quickly implement the tool into their workflows. While some healthcare teams might be reluctant to digitize paper charts and medical records, Radekal makes the process easy and lets users complete patient documentation in record time.

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G2 average user review score: 4.9/5

What users say:

  • “It’s a great choice. Easy, interactive, and you always have support. The best part is it’s free!”

Nimbo is a free EHR that lets your team manage patient records from any device. This cloud-based system uses machine learning algorithms so users can process patient information quickly. The result? Healthcare, pharma, and beauty teams can focus on other day-to-day tasks without worrying about patient record management.

Despite being free, Nimbo shares many features with paid-for top EHRs. These features include note templates, electronic prescriptions, Google Calendar integration, and inventory management. Users can also sync patient records to WhatsApp or their email provider and send appointment reminders to patients.


4.ChARM Health

G2 average user review score: 4.8/5

What users say:

  • “From A to Z, it’s literally one of the best EHR’s out there.”
  • “ChARM offers a fully integrated patient portal and smooth back-office communication, charting, and billing.”
  • “What I like the best is the way Charm was created for integrative doctors. It houses everything in an orderly and convenient fashion.”

ChARM Health is another one of the top EHRs to know. As a web-based program, ChARM simplifies administration for better practice management and patient engagement. This HIPAA-compliant tool also helps your team process and share patient data without worrying about data governance violations.

ChARM Health comes with a pay-per-use pricing model, so there are no long-term contracts or vendor tie-ins. There’s also the ability to monitor patient records across devices, with an easy-to-use mobile app for teams on the go. Other features include custom-built templates, e-prescriptions, and flowcharts that track health vitals.



G2 average user review score: 4.7/5

What users say:

  • “I love that it shares information from other medical networks. It can be very helpful for concurrent patient care.”
  • “MEDENT is incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate. I especially like the customizable templates for office notes and common visits/complaints.”
  • “Everything is self-explanatory. Progress note documentation is so simple, quick, and easy to use.”

MEDENT automates many medical processes, including patient record management. It comes with customizable dashboards and graphs that enable users to monitor MIPS and Medicaid data, along with a portal that lets patients access billing statements and manage appointments.

Other features your team will appreciate include e-prescriptions, mobile integration, and direct messaging.

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How to Choose Between the Top EHRs

EHRs, electronichealthrecords, software, patientdata, healthcare

There are various factors to consider when choosing an EHR system for your organization. Here are some of them:

  • How much will the EHR cost?
  • Does the EHR provide better value-for-money than other similar programs?
  • Does the vendor allow you to pay as you go? Or will you have to sign a long-term contract to use the platform?
  • Does the product save patient data to the cloud? Or does it save data on-premises?
  • Does the EHR comply with HIPAA and other data governance frameworks?
  • Does the vendor offer exemplary customer service?
  • What about training employees to use the platform? What about implementation?
  • What features does the EHR provide?


Final Word

The top EHRs above have the highest user review scores on Each platform comes with an incredible range of features for collecting, sharing, and processing sensitive patient data. Consider one of these tools for your healthcare, medical, pharma, or beauty organization in 2021.


For more insights about top EHRs and healthcare software, check out Intech.Media.



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