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CompanionMx: A Digital Vital Sign For Behavioral Health


CompanionMx: A Digital Vital Sign For Behavioral Health


One sentence LinkedIn: Learn how the CompanionMX mobile monitoring system empowers behavioral health practices with better data that results in better patient outcomes.

TheNational Alliance on Mental Health found that one in five people in the US suffers from mental illnesses. Treating these conditions requires knowing how the symptoms affect patients, how these symptoms impact their lives and how other factors can contribute to the severity of the problem.

One of the biggest problems with effective mental health care is the use of subjective data, which can make it difficult for providers to offer the right support. CompanionMX is a mobile monitoring system designed to deliver proactive mental health care through evidence-based data, using AI technology. Read this CompaniMX review to learn more.

The Companion system uses active voice monitoring alongside passive monitoring of smartphone metadata to determine whether the patient is showing symptoms of mental health conditions, such as anxiety disorders. This software can identify important mental health metrics that providers use to meet patients where they are. These digital vital signs are a key component that is often missing in behavioral health solutions and treatment plans.

By introducing better data into the clinical environment, patients receive improved care and outcomes, as clinicians can act faster when symptoms develop, target patients with more effective treatment options and keep a close eye on their progress.

CompanionMX is a three-part system. The Companion app is for patients, and it performs check-ins in four categories along with other methods for collecting voice and behavioral data. The Companion AI converts and analyzes this data, scoring patients on depressed moods, avoidance, diminished interest and fatigue. The Companion dashboard is for clinicians. This dashboard receives the data from the AI so clinicians can have a better understanding of how their patients are feeling, whether warning signs are present, and how to more effectively treat mental illnesses.

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Why CompanionMx Exists

A lack of objective mental health metrics makes it challenging to treat mental illnesses proactively. CompanionMX generates and analyzes the data that clinicians need to improve patient outcomes and reduce treatment costs.


Who CompanionMx Is Meant For

The CompanionMX system is designed for behavioral health practices that want to get better data on how their patients feel daily. Rather than getting subjective information that’s only relevant to that visit, CompanionMX provides more objective data that covers all the time in between appointments too.


Benefits of CompanionMx

CompanionMX delivers many benefits for behavioral health practices.

  • Move away from subjective self-reports: CompanionMX equips mental healthcare providers with the data they need to make better decisions for patient care. These objective metrics give another perspective into the patient’s overall health and well-being.
  • Tracks acoustic biomarkers: The Companion AI uses a proprietary system to identify important biomarkers that can indicate symptoms or a worsening condition.
  • Discovers behavioral biomarkers: Phone metadata, as well as information provided by the patients through the app, offers additional data to create a comprehensive picture of the patient’s mental health status.
  • Covers four important mental health categories: Patients take part in audio check-ins and provide information on their activities and feelings for being out and about, socially connected, their mood and whether they are energized.
  • These categories can show whether a patient has a depressed mood for significant parts of the day, if they no longer have the same level of interest in activities they enjoy, if they are avoiding social activities, and if they are suffering from fatigue. In the cast of comorbid conditions, tracking these symptoms also shows whether mental illnesses are causing problems with other health challenges, too.
  • Act quickly: Clinicians are better able to react to developing mental health concerns before they grow into much larger problems. This proactive approach can better manage depression and other conditions.
  • More personalized treatment: Depression and other mental illnesses affect patients differently. By gaining information in these four data categories, clinicians are better able to identify treatment options that can address the symptoms that are most severe.

CompanionMX, CompanionMXReview, BehaviorialHealth, BehavorialHealthApp, Mentalhealth

  • Convenient clinical dashboard: The CompanionMX dashboard is cloud-based, so clinicians can access it from web browsers. They can quickly bring up patient data on a tablet or another convenient device, rather than going to a dedicated workstation. For behavioral health specialists who do home visits or frequently need to provide care away from established workstations, the dashboard has a perfect setup.


Drawbacks Of CompanionMx

The CompanionMX system has several drawbacks:

  • Data privacy concerns: Patients may have concerns about whether their audio data and phone metadata is being stored and used securely, for its intended purpose. Privacy-minded patients may not feel comfortable with an app collecting this type of data, or it being sent to a cloud-based dashboard.
  • Metrics may lack enough context: Understanding why the patient is feeling symptoms is just as important as the rest of the metrics. Being able to identify events that can lead to more or less depressive symptoms can help clinicians do a thorough analysis of what the data is telling them.
  • Patients need to engage with the app: If patients don’t answer check-in questions or otherwise engage with the app, then clinicians won’t get as much data as they might like. They could be missing the big picture with their patients, or miss suddenly developing mental health concerns.
  • Patients need a smartphone to benefit from this system: Patients may lack a smartphone entirely, frequently lose their smartphones or not use them frequently. Any of these scenarios lessens the effectiveness of CompanionMX.
  • May not account for neuroatypical behavior: The Companion AI may have trouble with auditory and behavioral biomarkers for patients who are not neurotypical.


CompanionMx Pricing

CompanionMX pricing is not publicly available as of this writing and is likely custom quoted for each behavioral health practice based on their requirements.

CompanionMX is a powerful platform that transforms subjective mental health data into objective metrics that can improve patient outcomes.



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