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App Review: Lexicomp


App Review: Lexicomp

Mobile medical apps are transforming the world of healthcare. A recent study reports that nearly half of doctors surveyed said they used a smartphone or tablet for access to medication information and the latest research in their field. One of the most popular medical apps is Lexicomp, a medical reference for Android and iOS that’s used by healthcare professionals across the entire continuum of care, from a patient’s bedside to research labs and clinical settings.

Created by the global information management enterprise Wolters Kluwer, the Lexicomp mobile app makes the company’s entire suite of online medical information available anywhere, at any time to help doctors find the answers they need to deliver the best patient care possible. Lexicomp is also a valuable resource for medical students, pharmaceutical researchers, pharmacies and other retailers of medical supplies and equipment.


How Does Lexicomp Work?

Wolters Kluwer calls Lexicomp the most advanced drug information app developed for point of care. The company’s main site hosts an extensive and wide-ranging collection of resources for healthcare professionals that can be accessed directly from the site, and the Lexicomp app brings those resources to mobile devices of all kinds. Designed for both iOS and Android devices, Lexicomp provides on-the-spot access to Wolters Kluwer’s extensive, constantly updated databases on medications, drug interactions, prescribing guidelines and more. The app’s key features include:

  • An extensive pharmacological database that includes the latest catalog of currently available medications and their interactions
  • IV compatibility data
  • Patient education information
  • Dosage calculators for “smart, safe dosing” of any medication for individual patients
  • Customizable monographs, which allow providers to structure information on each medication to meet individual needs
  • Sharing functions that allow users to share monographs and other stored information with colleagues and patients.

Most medical apps provide access to databases stored in the cloud. But Lexicomp’s content can also be stored directly on a user’s device, so that it remains accessible even where mobile signals are weak or no Internet service is available. That allows users to get the information they need even in emergency situations.


Who Uses Lexicomp?

Because Lexicomp offers access to 20 constantly updated databases for drug and medical reference, it’s a go-to tool for professionals and students in all areas of healthcare, medical research and drug development. Medical and nursing students rely on the app as a reference, while practicing professionals use it for support in making clinical decisions and managing medications.

Lexicomp is also useful for pharmacists and pharmacy techs who advise patients about drug interactions, side effects and other concerns. Because the app provides quick access to medical journals from around the globe, it can also support medical and pharmaceutical research that leads to the development of new drugs and therapies.

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Lexicomp Plans and Pricing

The Lexicomp app requires subscription to the company’s collection of online resources, and a variety of plans are available for different entities in healthcare fields.

At $179USD per year, the Professional Plan is designed for individual providers and medical and nursing students. This plan offers access to essentials including medication monographs, prescribing information and dosage calculators.

The Premium Plan provides all features of the Professional Plan, plus additional content and access to all Lexicomp databases. At an annual cost of $799, the Premium Plan can include 2 professional healthcare providers.

Wolters Kluwer also offers an enterprise level Lexicomp plan for institutions such as hospitals, provider groups, and research organizations, with custom quotes to meet individual needs. The company also offers a special version of Lexicomp for medical retailers such as pharmacies, drug manufacturers and distributors.


Alternatives to Lexicomp

Lexicomp is one of several widely used medical apps for medication management and general medical resources. The best alternatives to Lexicomp include:


Medscape is among the most popular mobile medical apps in the world, with more than 4 million users that include both healthcare professionals and medical and nursing students. Medscape is entirely free to download and use for both iOS and Android devices, and it provides access to a global library of medical resources, including journals, new studies and videos on health conditions and procedures. But Medscape also features an extensive drug reference that includes drug interactions, side effects and dosing guidelines.


Widely used by both medical students and doctors, Epocrates is similar to Medscape in scope and function. Epocrates is free to download for iOS and Android, and includes access to resources such as pill identification, drug information and interactions, and general prescribing and dosing information. The Epocrates site also offers a premium option that includes more features such as lab testing and patient care guides.


IBM’s Micromedex app is available from the company site, and it includes an extensive library of essential drug information, including interactions, patient car guides and toxicology reports. IBM offers several tiered subscription plans for Micromedex, but pricing is only available upon request.

What People Are Saying About Lexicomp

Overall, Lexicomp receives high marks from professionals in direct patient care and pharmacy work for its ability to search up to 20 databases for instant access to relevant information. That feature is especially important for users who work at multiple facilities, or who, like pharmacists, work with a wide range of different medications. Users also like the option to customize Lexicomp’s many medication monographs for easy reference. Healthcare providers who work directly with patients also value the storehouse of patient education materials, available in both English and Spanish.

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But Lexicomp also has drawbacks. On the Apple App Store, users gave the app a rating of 3.1 stars out of 5, largely due to technical issues. Some users dislike recent updates, which caused unexpected changes in various customized tools and layouts in the app. Others complain that drug searches return the wrong results because of the structure of the search function, and that database updates sometimes eliminate important information.

The cost of Lexicomp is also an issue for some users. Although the app itself is free, the subscription to the site can be costly, and plans on the lower tiers don’t offer access to the full set of databases on the parent site. And some users complain that they can only access the app on a single device, even if they use more than one in daily practice.


The Bottom Line

Lexicomp ranks among the top three mobile medical apps in use today, largely due to its extensive library of constantly updated, authoritative content that can be stored on the user’s device for ready reference. With a variety of plans and pricing, Lexicomp puts the latest in medical research and drug reference at the fingertips of every healthcare professional.


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