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App Review: Medscape


App Review: Medscape

Whatever questions you have about medicine, you can definitely find the answers on the Medscape app. The site has long been used as a source for medical and health information that people need to know, but now the app is available to help you out even more. It’s specifically designed for doctors, but you do have the option of using it even if you’re not a medical professional.


How It Works

This isn’t a small app that does just one thing. The Medscape app is extremely useful and highly developed in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the things it can do.

・Connect with the Medical Community

Other doctors are involved in the community that Medscape has put together. You have access to the medical community easily on your app and this makes it very simple to connect with other physicians to discuss patient cases or challenging cases and symptoms. You’ll be able to work your way through more complex clinical topics with others and even crowdsource some answers for a particularly tricky diagnosis. You’ll even be able to reach out to experts from top institutions.

・Personalized News Feed

Every doctor should stay up to date on the latest medical news, but it’s not all pertinent to every practice. If you’re an oncologist, then you may not need to know about the latest developments in tropical disease medicine. For this reason, Medscape allows you to tailor your newsfeed to exactly what you need. You’ll get FDA alerts, breaking medical news, clinical data trial, and even notes from experts in your area of expertise.

This information can help you make the right call when it comes to diagnosing and treating your patients. You should always be aware of the biggest news in the industry, particularly as it pertains to you and your patients. With the information coming through the app, you’ll be notified any time there is something you should know.

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・Access a Massive Database of Answers

Medscape has spent years collecting medical articles and high-quality information to compile into a massive database that you’ll have access to at the tip of your fingers. The database includes more than 8,500 prescription and OTC drugs, as well as supplements and herbal information. It also has clinical calculators and pill identifiers, along with a checker to ensure drugs won’t interact with each other. There is also a full anatomy section that you can use to make better decisions while diving deeper into the body.

There’s just so much information available in the app, you have the ability to use it almost entirely for your medical practice questions. From anatomy to drug interactions, the vast majority of things you’ll need to check on are right there.

・Increase Your Medical Education

With the Medscape app, you can connect to thousands of courses over 30 different specialties and keep track of your progress. You have an activity tracker where all your information should be kept and the credits you earn through the courses will be tracked here. You can earn ABIM MOC points and CME or CE credits.

All the latest clinical guidelines, classifications, and protocols are included in Medscape and you just need to check in and take a look. If you can’t identify a rash, for example, you can just check it against the database of rash photos and descriptions, share the puzzle with fellow doctors, and ask for recommendations. It’s a great social tool for doctors.


Pros and Cons of Medscape

The Medscape app is so comprehensive that it feels more like having a medical school at your fingertips than just an app. There is a lot of information included and you will find that you’re going to have everything you need right there.

Of course, there are pros and cons to all things, and Medscape is no exception. The sheer volume of information is definitely on the good side of things and the fact that you can flip through clinical information whenever you need it. You’ll also love being able to bounce ideas off of your peers.

Another big plus is that the app is free, as long as you already have a Medscape login. You can get that on the website and it will allow you to log into the app and receive all your information there.

Information is provided from medical conferences, clinical trials, and a wide range of other sources that will give you the most recent data that you need to know about. Narrowing all this down to your specific area of practice will allow you to filter out the news that doesn’t apply to you or to your patients and will make you a better doctor overall.

However, there are some downsides, as well. For one, the app is only in English, which may be difficult for some people to manage, if English is not their first language. You also need to be connected to the internet in order to use the app. It doesn’t run offline, which could be an issue in some cases.

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What People are Saying

Overall, Medscape is considered to be a very useful app. It has plenty of information available to the user and doctors say some of the following things about using it:

“It is a great application. Boon for busy physicians. Abundant information just a few clicks away.”

“I use the app all the time. Not only is it a good reference for drug information, but it is also a great resource for current news and updates in the medical field. I love it.”

“The best medical app so far, makes me feel more confident in my practice.”

As you can see, the general opinion is that the app is ideal for doctors who are in need of up-to-date information on a regular basis.


Similar Apps

Nothing comes quite close to Medscape, but there are individual apps for each thing, such as medical news, anatomy, and such. You can look for individual apps for each of these areas.

Overall, the Medscape app is highly recommended for doctors and is a great way to ensure you are on top of the latest information.


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