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MedPage Today: Easy Access to Current Medical News 


MedPage Today: Easy Access to Current Medical News

Why MedPage Today Exists

This website is a U.S. clinical news service that covers a wide range of specialties. You can stay up to date on the latest news, findings, technology, conferences, policy changes, and other happenings in the medical world. MedPage Today offers free CE and CME credits for healthcare professionals.

MedPage Today offers a comprehensive view of the healthcare world, with expert journalists producing high-quality and fact-checked articles and a variety of healthcare professionals, members of the Editorial Board, and readers sending in opinion essays. The pieces published on this clinical news website focuses on everything that affects the lives and practices of this audience. Another focus area for this website is medical politics, as changes in policies and programs can have a profound impact on healthcare.

The staff at MedPage Today state that the heart of their mission is “to do our part to make healthcare better, by helping to create better-informed, more aware healthcare professionals.”

Who MedPage Today is Meant For

MedPage Today’s target audience is healthcare professionals, with writing that reflects the advanced clinical knowledge of this audience. Medical students will also find a lot of value on this site. Although this website is not geared towards the layperson, people wanting to learn more about medical conditions can find it helpful. It might take some time to understand all the phrases used in the articles, but it’s an excellent way to go beyond general audience medial overviews. For this demographic, it’s especially useful for people dealing with chronic illnesses or complex conditions, as you can learn about the latest treatments, technology, and findings concerning these conditions.

Benefits of MedPage Today

MedPage Today is a highly respected, reputable, and CE/CME accredited site for good reason. Both staff and freelance journalists have extensive experience in their particular beats, along with being fully credentialed. They maintain journalist integrity and impartiality throughout every piece they write. This news service also has an investigative team, allowing them to dive deep into compelling stories that healthcare professionals need to know more about.

This publication covers many major medical specialties and topics. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find something to read, watch, or listen to. When you’re done reading the clinical news of the day, you can explore the Opinion pieces that come from other healthcare professionals and readers to learn what the medical world is thinking about. The Anamnesis podcast is another feature in this publication, hosted by Amy Ho, MD. On this podcast, healthcare professionals talk about their daily practice, with a focus on showing the human side of healthcare. The existing content library is enormous, and it offers frequent news updates.

Another huge draw for this website is the free CE and CME credits. By offering these credits, you can rely on this publication for your continuing education alongside all the current clinical news. It’s a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your skills and knowledge up to date. The number of credits you get per course varies based on the scope and content of the class. Some courses are offered directly through MedPage Today, while others take place on partnering websites.

MedPage Today has a lot to offer, and they have a simple, user-friendly site design that makes it easily readable. You’re not dealing with a lot of disruptive ads, resource-heavy pages, or difficult navigation.

You can also skip the website entirely if you want. You can pick and choose the clinical news topics that you want to keep up with, and get newsletters sent directly to your email. This option is great for healthcare professionals who have demanding schedules, and find it easier to catch up on the news through their inboxes.

These newsletters are split between daily and weekly delivery. Daily newsletters cover highlights from all the medical news published that day, with the specific stories customized to the specialty you choose for your profile. The publication also offers a Morning Break newsletter, which is currently focused on COVID-19 updates. After the pandemic, the topics cover worldwide medical news.

Weekly newsletters include updates from the podcast, highlights from the industry, investigative reporting, clinical reports, conference reports, academic news, exclusive stories, job opportunities, and many other general interest topics.

Drawbacks of MedPage Today

When you first visit MedPage Today, you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content that’s available. While the site design works well for this publication, it does reflect a frequently updated clinical news service. However, you can alleviate this feeling by going to your specialty section or signing up for the newsletter experience instead.


The online course experience for CE and CME credits varies based on the provider. Those offered directly by MedPage Today have a user experience similar to the rest of the website, but others may not be as user-friendly. You also have to register with those external partners when you take the course.

Some healthcare professionals may dislike seeing political coverage as a central focus on this publication or prefer to skip over opinion pieces. This is another drawback with an easy fix, as signing up for specific newsletters allows you to get the content you do want to see.


Both the Medpage Today news and the continuing education credits are completely free.

MedPage Today is a comprehensive clinical news site that takes its job seriously. You get an excellent journalistic source for healthcare news, opinion pieces galore from your peers, and free continuing education credits.


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