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SnapNurse: Tech-Powered Nurse Staffing App


SnapNurse: Tech-Powered Nurse Staffing App

It can be challenging to find the right nurses at the right time. COVID-19 has caused some serious difficulties in the healthcare world, which means it’s more difficult to staff your clinic or hospital. SnapNurse makes it easy to find your next nurse, whether you’re looking for an RN, LPN, CAN, or something else.

Many healthcare workers have left the industry, either temporarily or permanently, and 22% of nurses plan to leave direct patient care within 12 months. Much of this is due to the excessive stress placed on healthcare workers with the pandemic. Both physical and psychological difficulties have emerged due to COVID-19, and they have taken a heavy toll on healthcare workers.

Due to this and the ramping up of vaccination programs, more clinics and medical facilities are in the market for more healthcare professionals. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find them. The industry needed a way to bring everyone together in a single app, and SnapNurse does just that.

What Is SnapNurse?

SnapNurse is an app that is designed to help healthcare facilities find and hire nurses and allied professionals. When you need someone fast, the app allows you to hire within 24 hours, in some cases. It’s also good for the medical staff, who can find jobs rapidly if they are good at what they do.

Both nurses and employers are rated with a five-star system that makes it easier to choose the perfect match. However, companies can talk directly to a staffing director and create goals and shift requests, which qualified medical care providers may select. A dedicated recruiter can help facilities choose just the right person for the position based on specific requirements.

Everything is in the cloud, which means it’s fast and available anywhere. Hospitals and clinics can easily pay via instant payments, which encourages everyone to keep using the app. If you need more nurses or allied healthcare professionals, SnapNurse booking is easily scaled to accommodate. This is just one of several reasons it has been selected as a top app for medical staffing.

Within the app, you’ll find:

  • RNs
  • LPNs
  • EMTs
  • CNAs
  • Pharmacists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Scrub techs
  • AAs
  • CRNAs
  • CMAs
  • MDs

All potential hires have been pre-screened and have the necessary credentials so that facilities can hire immediately. With more than 150,000 medical professionals available, there are plenty of qualified people to do the jobs, whether short-term or long-term.

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Pros and Cons of SnapNurse

When hiring last-minute, on-demand nurses, the SnapNurse booker has its pros and cons, as with any app. The positive things people are thrilled with include:

  • The ability to replace nurses in a pinch.
  • It features a wide range of healthcare professionals.
  • You can hire within 24-48 hours (competitors usually take a week or two).
  • The platform is user-friendly.
  • You can add healthcare professionals fast for a crisis.

As you can see, there are several positives, but what about downsides? The cons are few, but include:

  • The platform may be confusing to nurses.
  • You need internet access to hire.

For the most part, the app is a good option and has very few drawbacks, according to those using it.

Pricing for SnapNurse

SnapNurse is free for healthcare workers to use.

What People Say About SnapNurse

One of the best methods of determining if an app is good is to look at what people are saying about it. If they’ve used the app and have reviewed it, you’ll quickly find out whether or not it will be helpful for you. Here are a few comments people have made in reviews for SnapNurse:

Millie, an RN, says, “I really like (SnapNurse) because of the flexibility of being able to pick and choose which days you want to work… they really work with you on your scheduling. And also, being paid promptly.”

RNFnotRBF responded to a query saying, “I’ve been working outpatient surgery for the last year, and there have been several times where we’ve used them to fill spots when staffing has been tight. I can’t really tell you much about how they operate, but I can say that I haven’t had any bad experiences with the nurses I’ve worked with through them.”

Khristina Charley, Surgery Center Nurse Manager, gives her side of things, “As a manager using SnapNurse, what I love most is the platform… You know you can log in, choose who you want, you can choose one shift or a multitude of shifts… I love SnapNurse for that.”

Overall, the app reviews tend to be pretty positive, both from nurses and healthcare facilities.

Alternatives to SnapNurse

SnapNurse isn’t the first app to make it simpler for healthcare facilities and nurses to come together. There are actually quite a few options available, so you’ll want to note the differences and determine which one you want to use.

NurseDash: Dubbed the first on-demand healthcare marketplace for staffing support, NurseDash is quite similar to SnapNurse. It pre-verifies every healthcare worker and checks their license, credentials, and background while allowing nurses to find a good shift. It’s free to use for clinicians.

IntelyCare: This app is meant for traveling nurses, and it offers options for finding shifts wherever you are. The app is free to use, but it is designed for nurses rather than healthcare facilities. It is also only open to nurses of many levels, but not other types of healthcare workers.

Fastaff Mobile App: Another app meant for the nurses, rather than facilities, lets healthcare workers apply to jobs around the nation, making it ideal for travel nursing. It is meant for nurses of various levels, as well as allied specialists, and other types of healthcare specialists.

SnapNurse has made things much easier when it comes to nurse staffing. Whether you need someone for just one shift or more of a commitment, it’s now possible to hire them without even meeting them. Thanks to the checks done by the program, you can be sure to get the best healthcare workers possible for the job.


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