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This Mobile Ultrasound App Makes Medical History: The Latest Butterfly IQ


This Mobile Ultrasound App Makes Medical History: The Latest Butterfly IQ

Medical apps received more attention and were used during the recent pandemic because they allowed better remote doctor access and patient treatment. None has had more effect than the Butterfly IQ ultrasound applications, including the latest version – the Butterfly IQ+ app. These applications are changing the way doctors practice and improving the health of people around the globe.

We cannot overestimate the importance of the Butterfly IQ+ app for healthcare. First released in 2018, the Butterfly IQ app was a groundbreaking device for use in multiple specialties. The device is the first handheld, single-probe, whole-body ultrasound device. As a small, portable, accurate ultrasound, it offered physicians and other qualified medical professionals the ability to treat their patients better no matter their location.  An ultrasound procedure no longer had to be done solely by the traditional bulky, expensive and inconvenient machine. The Butterfly IQ application made performing this essential medical procedure much easier in remote areas or crowded rooms. Like any new application, however, it could be improved. Now the Butterfly IQ+ has built upon the existing technology to offer an even more practical application.

Butterfly IQ + Features

The Butterfly IQ app earned its popularity in part due to its many convenient features. The latest Butterfly mobile ultrasound applications include the following:

  • A single probe that works for all ultrasound applications
  • 21 presets accessible with one finger swipe
  • Easy connection to an iOS or Android app
  • Powered by  next-gen Ultrasound-on-Chip
  • Faster timeframes
  • Patented on-chip digital micro-beamforming that enables 15% faster frame rates and 60% faster pulse repetition frequency
  • 75D array beamforming for 85% reduction in election beam width
  • Low-noise and low-power consumption with power-efficient FPGA

The Butterfly IQ+ application is sophisticated, user-friendly, and delivers fast, accurate results. Because it works so well, it has altered the way many physicians treat their patients. They can now more quickly and affordably use ultrasound in their diagnoses.

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Butterfly IQ+ Improvements

All applications need to be continually updated to provide the best results possible. While the original version of the Butterfly IQ+ app offered practitioners a sophisticated new ultrasound tool, the update has added additional features. These include:

  • Faster frame rates
  • Needle VizTM technology – allowing for better needle visualization
  • Longer battery life – An improvement of 20% to battery life and scanning time by 100%
  • Enhanced durability- The device can withstand a four-foot drop

The latest Butterfly IQ version means that more of the world’s population will benefit from advanced ultrasound technology simply because its use has become even more practical. Doctors can detect certain medical conditions earlier, leading to more treatment options.

Butterfly IQ+ Users

Due to its affordability, ordinary citizens would like to purchase the Butterfly IQ+, but it is meant for medical professionals only. The purchaser must be licensed to practice medicine in their countries. The application may be more closely associated with OB/GYNs, but specialists of all kinds can find daily use for this mobile ultrasound. Specialties that can benefit from using the Butterfly IQ+ include:

  • OB/GYN
  • Cardiology
  • Anesthesiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Critical Care
  • Nursing
  • Primary Medicine
  • Hospital Medicine
  • Rural Care

Any specialist who routinely uses ultrasound technology should consider purchasing the Butterfly IQ+ to improve their patient care.

Butterfly IQ+ Cost

One of the most significant benefits of the Butterfly IQ+ is its price. These small portable models cost $2399 per probe, with additional app features costing a monthly fee. You can add on diagnostic tools, collaboration, procedural tools, etc., to fit the scope of your practice. For instance, the first add-on in the flexible package costs $199 per month, and each additional one costs $99 per month. Other packages are available depending on your needs. You can get a bladder scanner and vascular access application or build your package that includes seamless billing and documentation, mobile device management, EHR integration, and device-agnostic workflows. You can customize your package to suit your patients’ needs.

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Butterfly IQ+ Reviews/Approval

The Butterfly IQ+ has an excellent reputation for portability, accuracy, affordability, and ease of use among industry experts. A group of doctors in an African emergency department used the original Butterfly IQ for ten weeks and found it to have good imaging capability, portability, versatility, and low cost.

In Canada, reviewers noted that the Butterfly IQ+ significantly improves point-of-care medicine, the current focus of improved healthcare. Easier access to ultrasound allows doctors to make faster, better-informed decisions about their treatment plans, leading to better patient outcomes.  Many individual doctors and practices have endorsed this application by filming their own YouTube testimonials. The Butterfly IQ+ has changed the way many practitioners from around the world approach patient care. Even those patients in the most isolated areas can receive a life-changing ultrasound quickly and affordably.

Countries that have approved the sale of this mobile ultrasound include Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Final Notes|

The original Butterfly IQ ultrasound app shook up the medical industry by offering a small, mobile ultrasound that provided good imaging through a single probe whole-body device and app. While this breakthrough certainly added convenience to the procedure, its effects are more profound. The Butterfly IQ+ is democratizing the medical industry by allowing patients in remote and/or crowded areas to receive better and faster treatment for their medical conditions. It’s affordable for almost any practice and does not require extensive training to use. The battery life, durability, and image quality mean it is practical for use almost anywhere.

While no product is perfect, this update has addressed users’ concerns about the first Butterfly IQ application.  The Butterfly IQ+ has enhanced what was already a game-changing tool.


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