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UpToDate: An Education Resource for Doctors


UpToDate: An Education Resource for Doctors

A medical app is software, often on a mobile device, that helps medical practitioners improve and manage patient care. They can also help patients manage their own care. It’s crucial for doctors to have extensive medical information at their fingertips when treating patients. Emergency situations and life-threatening cases require immediate access to medical information so that physicians can make the best decisions in a timely manner.

According to Technostacks, 80 percent of physicians are already using medical apps. The use of apps can help reduce diagnostic errors. Some estimates state that the IoT healthcare market will reach over $138 billion by 2021. There are several medical devices currently on the market. UpToDate is one that thousands of doctors are now using. The app works with android devices and provides extensive medical information for clinicians and doctors. The following is everything you need to know about UpToDate.


What is UpToDate and Who is it For?

UpToDate is a medical app that includes a wealth of medical information for physicians. It provides medical calculators, drug interaction information, and detailed information for a wide range of medical specialties. The app has continuous updates by accomplished physicians and experts in several specialty areas.

You can use the app offline as well as through the internet on mobile devices and personal computers. It is primarily for doctors and requires a subscription for access. UpToDate began in 1992 and is part of the company Wolters Kluwer Health. Training to use the app is available online.UpToDate, physicians, medical information, medical app

What are the Benefits of Using UpToDate?

Besides having access to a wealth of medical information and 24/7 service support, there are several other important benefits you’ll have access to when using this particular app.

  • Specialty Information

    According to the Association of Health Care Journalists (AHCJ), UpToDate offers doctors comprehensive information; both diagnosis and treatment of many types of diseases. UpToDate offers over 25 specialty areas and covers more than 11,800 specific medical topics.

  • Multiple Use Available

    Several physicians can use this app as long as they register for a multiple use license.

  • High Credibility

    With expert sources and experienced physicians responsible for content, users can depend on credible information.

  • Educational Credits 

    You can receive different types of continuing medical credits free when researching medical questions.

  • Free from Advertising Support

    UpToDate does not receive any financial support from advertisers, including pharmaceutical companies.


What are Some of the Drawbacks?

Overall, UpToDate has mostly positive reviews, ratings, and several benefits. There are, however, a few drawbacks that a professional will need to consider before purchasing the app. The following are a few of the disadvantages you’ll want to know about.

  • High Cost

    One of the primary drawbacks of UpToDate is that the app is more expensive than most other similar apps currently on the market.

  • Plain Design

    The visual format is for professionals and does not include stylish designs, bright colors, or many images. Articles are generally text-based and lacking multimedia resources.

  • Lack of Versatility

    UpToDate is not available for use on a Mac.


How Much Does UpToDate Cost?

The app is technically free to download, but to access most information a user must subscribe. Different rates are available for multiple physicians. The following is some basic information you’ll want to know about costs and billing procedures.

  • Yearly Subscription

    Rates begin at $519 each year for one doctor.

  • Multiple Use Plans

    Up to 19 physicians are able to sign up for multiple use plans.

  • Recurring Billing Option

    There is also a 30 day recurring billing option that is available. Subscribing to this option must take place online and it’s possible to cancel at any time. The specific cost for this option is not on the website and it’s not available in every location.


What are Customers Saying About UpToDate?

There are several reviews full of great information from people who actually use this app. The following is information on a variety of blogs and reviews regarding UpToDate.

  • Trust Radius

    An authenticated review on Trust Radius gives the app a high score, but states a need for a few changes. One of these includes the need for information about more diseases and conditions.

  • Urology Times

    A review on Urology Times states that the search box automatically lists relevant topics when a user enters a query. After choosing a topic, the app subcategorizes the information into sections that include pediatric, adult, and patient education.

  • Capterra

    UpToDate receives high reviews on Capterra, especially regarding both the quantity and quality of information that is available on the app.UpToDate, medical app, review, customer, medical information, Trust Radius, Urology Times, Capterra

How Easy is it to Get Started?

Using UpToDate is relatively easy for most people. Subscribers can install the app on up to two devices. After downloading the app, each individual needs to sign in using the appropriate credentials. The UpToDate website provides lots of information on training and support. There’s also a demo that offers a playlist to help you learn about the features the app offers.

While most users will pay a fee for access to the app, it’s important to note that it is free in certain circumstances. Global Health Deliver Project through Harvard provides free access for those offering medical assistance to underserved or poor areas outside of the U.S. It was also available for no cost after global disasters such as the Haiti earthquake in 2010.


What are Some Similar Apps?

There are several medical and health-related apps available. The following are a few apps that are similar to UpToDate:

  • SimplePractice

    This app is more in line with the needs of therapists and nutritionists. It gets high marks for easy use and good HIPPA compliance. The cost starts at $39 per month for each user.

  • MedPage Today

    This app offers continuing education with materials from various conferences. Users also have access to recent healthcare news.

  • Medscape

    Medscape provides a variety of services and has a community of approximately 250,000 physicians. On the app they can look up drug interactions, get answers to questions from procedural articles, and offer advice to each other.

  • Skyscape 

    This is a medical library for doctors, nurses, and students. Skyscape contains both drug information and clinical information on hundreds of medical conditions.

  • NexGen Healthcare

    This app focuses on ambulatory care and mobile solutions. Some reviews state that the server interface is difficult and the app in general is slow and cumbersome.

  • Epocrates

    Epocrates has a strong focus on medications, dosages, and patient-specific guidelines. The Epocrates Plus Program offers more extensive information.

  • TheraNest

    TheraNest starts at $39 a month. They serve a wide range of professionals including physicians, family counselors, mental health practitioners, schools, and universities.

Most of the similar apps have a wide range of items and a broad focus such as scheduling and billing. UpToDate, in contrast, focuses on fewer tasks. According to most reviews, however, UpToDate does a better job with those few tasks and is primarily for doctors and not other healthcare professionals. This narrow focus enables UpToDate to stand out as an excellent education resource for doctors.


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