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Epocrates: Point of Care Medical Application


Epocrates: Point of Care Medical Application

The Epocrates medical app is designed to help healthcare workers by providing them with all the information they need at the tip of their fingers. Its main focus is drugs, but other areas provide information that may be useful for healthcare workers.

What Is Epocrates?

Epocrates is a medical reference app that is meant to help healthcare workers prescribe accurate amounts of medication while also ensuring there are minimal interactions with other medications. The app can be opened easily and the medication or disease searched for in seconds. Healthcare workers may use it in cases where they aren’t sure what to prescribe or if they’re looking for an alternative to a common medication. They can also check for interactions with other medications the patient is taking.

Find Drug Information

There are a huge number of drugs included in the app and each listing provides you with dosing information for adults and children, any potential side effects, interactions, pharmacology, and contraindications. You can easily search by generic name or brand name and the information is available for both prescription and OTC medications. In the U.S. alone, there are more than 80 classes of OTC medications, so you need to know about these, as many people take them without reporting it.This database is extremely helpful for doctors trying to prescribe something to their patients or figuring out dosages. It can be difficult to keep all this information in your head, particularly if there are several new drugs released, so the app helps ensure no mistakes are made.

Check Interactions

Many drugs have multiple active ingredients, and the Epocrates app lets you double-check the potential interactions between them. While not as comprehensive, there is also a section for herbs and supplements, so you can also look for possible interactions there. It provides information on each active ingredient in a medication, to allow you to look for a better alternative.

Identify Pills

Not sure what a pill is? You can take a pill that your patient brings you and identify it based on the imprint code. If there is no imprint code, you can search the pill ID database by inputting shape, color, and scoring marks. The Epocrates app then provides you with a photo of the tablet or pill so you can positively identify it.Once you’ve identified the pill, you can see the rest of the drug info with the click of a button. This will take you to the pill database for more information.

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Other Features

The entire world is on edge right now with COVID-19, and health leaders must stay abreast of the latest information. This section of the app links to the most recent news and provides updated information on resources for healthcare workers.Another option that you’ll find on the app is a way to continue your education. Earn CME credits by studying through Epocrates Plus. It allows you to stay on top of the latest medical developments. The app enables you to earn partial and full credits, without any additional charges.

Who Can Benefit from Epocrates

Anyone working in the healthcare industry could find this app useful. If you are dealing with drug dosages and interactions, then you should use an app that can rapidly provide the necessary information for your needs.The people who benefit most from Epocrates include:Doctors: A doctor can quickly check which drug is most commonly used for a given condition, as well as the dosage.Nurses: Nurses are often responsible for checking drug dosages and letting the doctor know if it is incorrect or may need adjusting. They can use the app to find information that will help back up their knowledge.Pharmacists: Any pharmacist knows that it’s impossible to keep all medications in your head. The Epocrates app allows them to check the medication and confirm dosage information. It’s also helpful for looking up interactions between drugs.Psychiatrists: Working with mental health and emotional disorders may require some medications, too. Psychiatrists can use this app to ensure they are choosing the best medication for the patient’s needs and to check for side effects and interactions.There is a wide range of people who will find the Epocrates app helpful in their careers. Additionally, since it’s free in the basic version (the pro version is available for $16.99 a month), there’s no reason the average layperson can’t use it to learn more about their own treatments.

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Pros and Cons of Epocrates

There are both pros and cons to every application, and Epocrates is no exception.The pros of this system include:

  • The basic version is free.
  • It’s quick and easy to use in an urgent care setting.
  • The app shares possible interactions with you.
  • It provides dosing amounts.
  • It updates frequently to provide the latest information.
  • It enables fast searching via search bar for drugs.
  • It lets users take notes.

The cons are:

  • The Android version has many reported syncing errors.
  • The Plus version frequently updates, causing interruptions for users.
  • When opened, the app goes to notifications instead of the home page.
  • There is no dark mode option.
  • It rarely offers children’s dosage amounts.

With so much information in one app, it’s a helpful resource to carry around on your phone. Any healthcare worker at any point can easily pull it up and use the information there to better serve their patients.


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