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NSF Pharma: An App to Keep Pharma Execs Updated on Regulation News


NSF Pharma: An App to Keep Pharma Execs Updated on Regulation News


Why NSF Pharma Exists

NSF International, the developer of the NSF Pharma app, got its start in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation. The organization implemented standards for sanitation, and expanded over the years to cover other public health concerns. This independent organization is a certification body that also offers consultation services and other resources to help organizations adhere to regulations.

The NSF Pharma application is the organization’s smartphone application designed to support pharmaceutical executives through many resources. This app provides a convenient and user-friendly way to stay on top of industry news, learn about new regulations, and even ask NSF experts questions directly. By offering this application, NSF Pharma can help pharma executives meet their compliance goals and adopt new standards that help the industry as a whole.


Who NSF Pharma Is Meant For

NSF International put a lot of thought into creating an experience focused on everything a busy pharma executive needs to keep up with an ever-changing industry and regulatory environment. In one application, executives can see the news that has the greatest impact on their company, look at recommendations for implementing standards, and ask urgent questions to highly skilled experts.

The interface is simple and straightforward, allowing pharma executives to go right to the sections that matter most to them. They don’t have time to flounder around a flashy screen or go through a maze of sub-menus. NSF Pharma keeps the time constraints of the typical executive in mind at every step in the development process.

Other pharma biotech professionals can also get a lot of use out of this application’s resources, although the features are tailored to the information that executives need to make decisions.

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Benefits of NSF Pharma

The benefits of NSF Pharma include:

  • Ask an expert: NSF Pharma includes a significant amount of information already, but you can get advice for your own specific situation from experts with over 20 years of pharma biotech background. The NSF industry experts will reply to your questions within 48 hours, giving you customized answers that would be hard to find elsewhere.
  • Up-to-date industry newsfeed: Get the latest biopharma news right through the NSF Pharma application. You can quickly check on the latest moves in the industry, find out about new developments, and view other information in a mobile-optimized environment.
  • Company health self-assessment quizzes:Do you have an understanding of how healthy your company is? You can go through self-assessment quizzes to gain a better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses are, and how to address any gaps.
  • Learn the latest on new regulations in the medical field:Pharmaceutical regulations and other related legislation can have a profound impact on the way you do business. You can proactively adapt to these changes and receive NSF recommendations for maintaining compliance.
  • Comprehensive resources:NSF Pharma includes a substantial amount of free resources that include audio, checklists, white papers, webinars, videos, and other executive-friendly content. You can easily bring up this content when you have free time, without needing to sort through sources or go back to your computer.
  • Training opportunities and booking:You can book and pay for NSF Pharma training directly through this application.

Drawbacks Of NSF Pharma

The drawbacks of NSF Pharma include:

  • Limited in scope:The NSF Pharma application is heavily focused on the biopharma executive experience, and all of the functionality and content revolve around that. However, executives may be hesitant to add another application to their plates.
  • Biopharma executives may already have access to some of these features elsewhere: The executives could have news websites they prefer, have news feeds and reports directly in their management software, or use a general-purpose news application to track this information.

NSF Pharma Pricing

The NSF Pharma application is available on iOS and Android devices for free. The only payment involved is from any training or eLearning courses that executives book through this application.

NSFPharmaApp, NSFPharma Review, PharmaExecutives, PharmaNews

NSF Pharma Customer Reviews

The reviews of the NSF Pharma application are overwhelmingly positive. One reviewer on the App Store said, “Great B2B pharma biotech app. Tons of useful info. A must-have for any professional in the pharma biotech industry. Especially liked the self-assessments. First app that has actual resources I can use on a regular basis.”

Other reviews offered similar sentiments, showing that this application is well-received by its target audience.

Alternatives to NSF Pharma

The NSF Pharma application lacks direct competitors, but pharma executives have several other alternatives to using a mobile application to get similar content.

Pharmaceutical industry news websites are readily available and don’t require an app download to track this content. If an executive already has preferred news sources, they may be hesitant to give those up. They may read these sources directly on the web page, subscribe to daily update newsletters, or pull the RSS feeds into a centralized feed reader.

Training platforms and websites, as well as NSF International’s own site, replace the eLearning booking feature that’s available in NSF Pharma. Some organizations may have contracts in place with training companies or have their own in-house resources for this purpose.

Market intelligence platforms use AI-powered solutions to sort through news sources and present customized selections for executives. This type of software frequently offers granular filtering, which only allows highly specific content to make it into a report. Pharma executives can also track trends in related markets and industries that could impact their company’s projects.

Professional organizations, B2B pharma publications, and similar resources offer a curated content experience for executives who don’t have a lot of time to look for vetted information.

NSF Pharma offers a convenient mobile application to support pharma executives in their many responsibilities. While none of the features are reinventing the wheel, it provides a solid experience with many helpful resources. For pharma executives who are often on the go, having these resources right in their pocket can make a big difference in their workflows.



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