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Pittsburg’s GO MOBILE PGH App Allows Drivers Pay for Parking via their Smartphones


Pittsburg’s GO MOBILE PGH App Allows Drivers Pay for Parking via their Smartphones

Parking spaces in Pittsburgh are widely available in most parts of the city, but keeping change and small bills on hand to pay for it is inconvenient. The GO MOBILE PGH application aims to solve that problem by offering credit card payments for designated parking spots. Parking nightmares can quickly turn into a pleasant experience when you don’t need to jump through hoops to find a good spot.

Why Pittsburg Offers the GO MOBILE PGH Application

The GO MOBILE PGH smartphone application streamlines the process of paying for on- and off-street parking. It’s a convenient way for drivers to pay without needing cash-on-hand for a meter, and it offers the Pittsburgh Parking Authority greater visibility into how Pittsburgh residents and visitors use parking spots.


Anyone living in or visiting Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, can use this smartphone application. Android, iOS, and Windows platforms are supported. ParkMobile, the company behind the application, also operates in more than 370 United States cities. If you are visiting an area covered by a ParkMobile-powered application, you can use GO MOBILE PGH to pay for parking in those areas too.

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Benefits of GO MOBILE PGH

  • Quick and easy payment: You can forget the days of digging through your car for exact change. GO MOBILE PGH supports Visa, Mastercard, and Visa Checkout. If you’re using this application in other Park Mobile supported cities, your payment options may expand to include mobile payments, PayPal, and other options.
  • Park at 3,000+ locations nationwide: The Park Mobile network supports thousands of parking spots nationwide.
  • Get notifications prior to expiration via email, text, or through the application: Don’t risk getting a parking ticket. Set up a notice to receive a 15-minute warning so you can make your way back to the car or decide to extend the parking session.
  • Easily extend your parking session: If you do need more time, extending the time is a short and simple process. Don’t let parking get in the way of your time in Pittsburgh.
  • Save favorite locations: If you have parking zones that you frequent more often than not, or have a preference for a parking spot, you can save this location in the application.
  • Use one account for up to five vehicles: You can switch between the license plates with a click, rather than needing to use a different account for each car. This feature is excellent for families and small businesses.
  • Find Your Car function: If you can’t remember where you parked, GO MOBILE PGH will get you back to your car without a problem.
  • Track your parking payments: View your parking receipts at any time. If you’re paying for parking on a company card or you need to track expenses for reimbursement, this feature simplifies the accounting process.
  • Transparent about application permissions: GO MOBILE PGH details exactly what app permissions it requires before you install it, and why they request each one. You can make an informed decision about whether you’re comfortable with the access level that the application needs to function.


Drawbacks of GO MOBILE PGH

  • Need to enter the zone number manually: Some parking applications automatically input this information with a QR code scan or a similar feature, but the GO MOBILE PGH requires manual input.
  • Some difficulties with setting or extending the parking time: Customers have reported that one of the most common bugs affects setting up the parking session time.
  • No parking availability checks: Checking for parking availability prior to going to a spot is not available. This feature is part of the Park Mobile Pro membership, which is not offered in Pittsburgh. If you try to find parking during high demand times, you may be looking around for some time before seeing an available spot.



The GO MOBILE PGH application is free, but you are responsible for your parking fee and a transaction fee. The exact cost depends on which part of Pittsburgh you’re parking in. Generally, the price is between $1-$5 per hour. This rate is subject to change. The Park Mobile transaction fee is $0.08 per transaction.

Some parts of Pittsburgh offer unlimited parking, while others have a time limit. You can extend your time until it hits the limit. At that point, you’re no longer able to push back the expiration time. You’re expected to move your car to a different parking spot before you can continue to access paid parking. Time limits are most common in the business districts around the city.

On-street paid parking is in effect until 6 PM. After that time, this parking is free. City-operated parking lots have charges in place until 10 PM.


Customer Reviews of GO MOBILE PGH

Customers are generally positive about the GO MOBILE PGH application, but some are frustrated with the intermittent errors that crash the application, force logouts, and make it difficult to input the parking session time.

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Similar Applications to GO MOBILE PGH

Many major cities nationwide use the same parking application that GO MOBILE PGH is based on, Park Mobile. Park Chicago, Park Boston, and Park NYC are a few examples of city-specific parking applications. While the user interfaces differ, these applications offer similar functionality.

GO MOBILE PGH is a solid parking application that is useful in Pittsburgh and beyond. While it does have some bug complaints and lacks some common features found in other parking applications, it makes paying for parking in Pittsburgh a relatively painless process.


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