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The Connected Home for the Busy New Parent


The Connected Home for the Busy New Parent

New parents are busier than ever. Many new parents have full-time jobs as well as family obligations. Recent studies show that mothers of young children spend approximately eight hours each day taking care of children and about six hours working. Making their lives as easy and stress-free as possible while still providing excellent care for young children is a priority for parents.

Technology can now play a significant role in easing the burdens of juggling work and family life. There are several connected devices in a smarthome for parents that can make life easier and more productive.


Smart Motion Sensors

While motion detectors are generally put in a home to detect intruders, you can use them for other purposes as well. Motion sensors can detect when you get out of bed each morning and can autostart a variety of appliances, such as a coffee maker. After you’re away from the home for a specific amount of time, the house senses there is no one there and goes into empty mode. The system can then turn off most lights, adjust the thermostat and lock the doors.

According toiMore, there are a variety of smart motion sensors to choose from. You can find sensors that work as a flashlight if the power goes out, detect if someone is trying to mess with the device and communicate with an entire home system. You can choose a variety of sensors to use throughout the inside and outside of your house to make your life safer, easier and more convenient.


Smart Locks

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Installing smart locks will give you peace of mind while adding another layer of convenience. A smart lock enables you to come and go without using your keys. These devices work through WiFi or Bluetooth. You can unlock a deadbolt with only a voice command. A busy parent can unlock the door from virtually any location for a babysitter or anyone else who may need access to the home.

The August Smart Lock is a device that installs over a deadbolt lock. It’s easy to install on almost any type of door and you can control the lock through an app. This smart lock receives excellent reviews for good reason. It not only looks great and won’t dramatically change the outside appearance of your home, but it also works seamlessly with your entire smart home. There’s built-in WiFi that can work with voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings.


Air Purifiers

Keeping indoor air clean is a must when there are young children in the house. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality is sometimes two to five times worse than outdoor air. Pollutants can sometimes cause headaches, eye, nose and throat irritation and even respiratory difficulty. Smart purifiers clean air in ways that are like regular purifiers, but they also provide several smart bonuses. These include real-time feedback to let you know the current quality of your air and filter maintenance reminders.

There are several air purifiers that new parents may want to consider. The Coway Airmega 400S features a mobile app that allows remote control. With a monitor on the front of the filter, you can see in real-time the air quality in your home. There are also purifiers available that you can control by either voice or remote control. A few of the more popular air purifiers include the Blueair Classic 605, Philips Air 5000i and Winix HR1000.


Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are not new, but there are a variety of monitors that can do several things for busy parents that even a few years ago were not available. The Owlet Baby Monitor is more like a nanny than a basic monitor. This is not a machine you set on the dresser next to the crib. It’s a sock you place on your baby’s foot. The Owlet monitors a baby’s heart rate and pulse to let you know your child is healthy and sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Mimo is another type of wearable monitor for a baby. This is a onesie that monitors both movement and breathing. The device will stream data that includes temperature, respiration and body movements. There are still traditional types of baby monitors that comprise a unit in the nursery and a receiver for the parent. Even these, however, are now “smart.” Hubble Connected lists a few features that make a baby monitor smart. These might include sensors that detect motion, sound and room temperature. A smart monitor may also produce soothing sounds to calm your baby.


Virtual Assistants

A smarthome for parents isn’t complete without a virtual assistant. Keeping track of everything from grocery shopping to picking up items at the cleaners is easier if you have a virtual assistant. These devices are the products of artificial intelligence and are pretty easy to operate. You would normally communicate with them simply by voicing commands or asking questions. These devices work with the combination of specialized software, computer chips and microphones.

Virtual assistants are now available on most computers, tablets and smartphones. You can also find them as stand-alone devices. Lifewire lists the five most popular virtual assistants. These include Alexa, Bixby, Cortana, Google Assistant and Siri. Some virtual assistants will work by both text and voice. You can select female or male voices, and languages besides English are also available.


Security Cameras

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Security is a priority for any parent. Installing a smart security camera can deter criminals, aid the police in the event an incident would occur and provide peace of mind with the ability to check in on your family easily and conveniently. Having a smart camera may also reduce your home insurance costs. Smart security cameras are normally wireless and connect to the internet.

There are a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras for a reasonable price that provide several safety features. The Wyze Cam V3 features video clip cloud storage free for 14 days. It also comes with a microSD card slot if you would rather have local storage. You will have to purchase your own card. Considering it also has support for Google Assistant and Alexa voice control, this security camera is a good buy for the price.

A smarthome for parents may include all the above devices or only a few. Creating a connected home that fits your family’s needs is as personal and unique as your family. Whatever type of smarthome you decide to create, technology can provide greater levels of convenience and safety for your family.



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